The Future of Particle Physics in the Post-Higgs Landscape


This conference will discuss the current state of particle physics in the post-Higgs discovery era, along with ideas and methods to constrain the Standard Model and its alternatives. With no new signals from the LHC, many BSM paradigms are becoming severely constrained, but how do we properly falsify current models? How can the community develop innovative and successful new models?

Attendees will be exposed to talks discussing construction and falsification of models and modern techniques used to provide constraints both theoretical and experimental. We aim to present the life cycle of a model, and promote collaboration between fields in the search for a fully unified theory of physics.

We wish to put into context a number of fields within particle physics, outlining long-term goals and how they develop methods of building, distinguishing, and confirming/disproving models.

The conference is aimed at early career stage researchers and welcomes abstracts from particle physicists (both theoretical and experimental) from all SEPnet nodes.


  • When: 3-5th of April 2019
  • Where: University of Southampton
  • Who: Particle physicists PhD students who are SEPnet members (PhD students from outside SEPnet may submit abstracts but SEPnet students have priority)


Abstract submission

We encourage that attendees give talks or present posters. This conference is run by and attended by PhD students so it is an excellent opportunity to get experience before the summer conferences.

Please email all abstract submissions to

Make sure you include the following information:

  1. Please send the email with the subject "[Abstract]"
  2. Please provide your name, your host institute and the text of your abstract.
  3. Please state if you wish to present a talk or a poster.

Once abstracts have been processed we will invite you to register for the event at a later date. This is so we can check numbers, finalise the schedule and invite people to present posters if we do not have enough space for everyone to speak.


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  • Azaria Coupe
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Please contact us if you have any questions.