Positivity Matters

Translating wellbeing research into positive community experiences.

Community Outreach:

The Positive Change Circle:

• When questions are posed by the host, each person will have an opportunity to share.

• Please focus your sharing on your personal experiences, strengths, values, and hopes.

• Everyone is welcome to share as the question goes around but it is not required.

• During individual sharing, please allow others to share without interruption.

Opening question: What went well lately and why? This question is meant to prompt us to reflect on the recent past when we experienced gratitude, growth, a moment of beauty, etc.

Middle: Short presentation and question on some aspect of the HAPPY LIFE:

Health (mental and physical)

Aesthetic experience (natural and created beauty)

Pleasure (positive emotion, endorphins, endocannabinoids, etc.)

PlaY (games, humor, creativity, etc.)

Life (appreciation for and action to strengthen the web of life)

Information (knowledge)


Engagement (values, goals, actions (level of flow), habits)

The categories referenced by HAPPY LIFE can be used as a guide to navigate wellbeing research and are also meant to represent the primary elements of human flourishing. We reflect frequently on how we can use our strengths and values to deepen our realization of a HAPPY LIFE. Values are chosen qualities of being and/or doing. Please try the free strengthsfinder at www.viacharacter.org, and work your top strengths and/or other ideals into a set of core values. As you go about setting goals in life and at the Positive Change Circle, first call to mind your core values and then prioritize selecting goals and strategies to accomplish those goals that are aligned with your core values. It can be said that values give meaning to our goals.

Closing question (time permitting): What is a goal you could work on? Responding to this question over time is meant to cultivate the strength of hope.


The Positivity Matters Podcast existed as Community Matters Radio on KZUM 89.3 FM in Lincoln, NE from 2013 through 2018.