Radically Simple Ideas


Stop giving a topic or article, then saying "discuss this in your group." For more meaningful conversation, use a discussion protocol from Harvard's Graduate School of Education.

Harvard's Graduate School of Education 12 favorite active learning strategies help you engage students and move them from passive to active learners.

Help students think. These research-based strategies are designed to be used regularly, so they become routines for students. [Note: Yes, the website is visually rudimentary, but the content is stellar!]

Strategies from McCrel & Discovery Education

If you have a Discovery Education subscription, check out their "Spotlight On Strategies" - more than 140 simple, impactful instructional strategies you can use in nearly any grade and content area!

Sometimes you need to experience the strategy in order to get fired up to use it. My "Strategies You Can Use Tomorrow" workshop will do just that. Let's connect and plan this workshop for you and your team!