We offer a range of training modules to suit your needs; we specialise in organic solutions and methods for the growing market demand. We teach from the ground up so people can start farming with easy to acquire resources.

We have trained emerging farmers since 2010 in greater Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga, and we are now based just outside Nelspruit on our training farm where students can see working examples in practice.

The disciplines covered in our courses are;

  • Urban farming
  • Rural farming and natural energy efficient buildings with water filtering and storage
  • Permaculture design principles
  • Ecohydrology farm development and natural water storage
  • Bio-dynamics natural timing and forces
  • Natural strip terracing
  • Nursery propagation
  • Tunnel production
  • Aquaponics & advanced tunnel crops production
  • Poultry meat & eggs

Group workshops can be booked, or training events can be scheduled by emailing us at

Essential urban farming workshop series

Preparing for planting - In this workshop learn what the required organic ingredients are and for each what quantity you need to add for the best results, how to combine them and how often to add them. You will gain valuable methods and practices for soil preparation that guarantee success, along with a balanced environment for higher valued fruits, vegetables and leaf crops.

Companion Planting - In this workshop, you will learn how to use complementary plants to improve growth performance and reduce pests and increase beneficial insects. Learn how to maximise your space by planting plants the right plants together. How to use planting partners and optimise your planting area is a full-day workshop that covers the following modules; conventional planting methods, which plants work better together, ways to maximise your planting area and companion planting methods.

Square foot Planting - In this workshop find out why to follow square foot planting methods. How to set up a square foot garden and the basics of how to work out what quantity of vegetables or herbs go in a given area. The basic rules of what to put into the square next to it. How to keep the squares active so that they never stand empty.

Making plant food and anti-pest - To improve the quality of your produce, by feeding your plants with material that you can grow and make into products you can use, and to create products that can repel pests and even kill some pests.

Crop Maintenance - To improve plant performance through proper timing and crop management. Doing what plants want and when they need it will improve results. How much to water and when and how to check if they need, how to apply liquid and granular fertilisers as well as what and how to apply anti-pests.

Group workshops can be booked, or training events can be scheduled by emailing us at

Positive Cycle

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Cost per person R200


We have limited accomodation at present and extra accomodation is being developed. To book the space we have look here. Otherwise we can arrange to collect you from a nearby location where you may be staying.

Advanced courses:

  • Urban rooftop farming
  • Permaculture design and development
  • Ecohydrology water flow management
  • Biodynamics harnessing natural forces
  • Natural strip teresing
  • Nursery propergation
  • Basic Tunnel production
  • Advanced tunnel production
  • Aquaponics
  • Poultry farming for meat & eggs
  • Rural cooperative farming model
  • Natural buildings
  • Water recycling
  • Build your own low cost reservoir
  • Wetland filters

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