Whether you need meat chickens or egg-laying hens, we have the solutions to get you on your way to becoming a prosperous free-range poultry farmer. Why free range you may ask, well it all boils down to the simple fact that a healthy chicken needs less medication which results in a healthier end product for you.

Free-range poultry needs to be cage-free, cage-free means that they have space to roam freely and the regulation states that each bird needs at least one square meter of ground to be considered free-range. Part of this ground needs to be outside where the chickens can forage and absorb vitamin D from being in the sun.

Allow them to have alternative food choices, the options of a free-range chicken are things they would hunt for naturally. As a forest animal chickens scratched through the leaf litter under the trees to find food like insects, seeds, fresh plants and fungus. Although buying chicken feed is easy it limits the chickens to only one choice, being from what the feed is made.

What do commercial feeds contain? Well, each manufacturer adds there own ratios, but most of the feed out there contains maize, soya, a fish meal which are all not what the chickens eat naturally!

Healthy chickens need a well balanced fresh diet supplemented with dry feed