Fresh & Tasty Agri Processing

Find our Fresh & Tasty produce in selected stores countrywide.

Fresh & Tasty is a result of our training as we take our students through their learning journey.

Fresh & Tasty produce is harvested very early and hygienically packaged to ensure the freshness is sealed in for your taste bud pleasure.

Mixed leaf salad bowl

A selection of fresh greens in a salad make a huge impact in your daily life. Not only are leaf lettuces more nutritious and tasty but have a positive effect on your health. We know that your busy life needs convenience so we harvest early in the morning and prepared the mix as a base for you to add your creative flair, adding any number of fruity,veggie, nutty or cheesy ingredients will allow you to create a new flavour sensation each day.


Fresh spinach has a lot to offer and is very versatile it can be added to salads and sandwiches smoothies and juice extractions. If you are going to cook it, you can use it in again many ways from stirfry to creamed with feta. One crucial factor to note is it must not be reheated once cooked as biochemistry creates a toxin during the second heating which is potentially harmful.

Snap beans

Beans are available in two forms one being fresh and the other being dry, each has their benefits. Fresh is my favourite and can be prepared in many ways from stir-fried to saute to stew and even salad. Beans come packed with protein and fibre and also act as an accessible source for acquiring vitamins like vitamin A, C, K, B6, and folic acid. Not to forget the minerals they offer like calcium, silicon, iron, manganese, potassium, and copper.


More than a garnish it's a powerhouse of nutrition and antioxidants which has been cultivated for 2000 years. Can be used in many ways including juice extractions and tea. It's been proven to assist in fighting cancer and a teaspoon of chopped parsley meets your daily requirement of Vitamin A.

Wild Rocket

Wild Rocket is an edible perennial plant in the Brassicaceae family, and this variety of Rocket was traditionally collected in the wild hence one of its common names. This vegetable is trendy in Italy and France. It is believed that wild rocket has been used in culinary and for medicinal purposes since Roman age. The young leaves add a pleasant, pungent, nutty flavour to salads, sandwiches and cheese dishes. A study has shown that rocket leaves contain up to 37.2% of protein and Wild Rocket contains a range of health-promoting properties such as phytochemicals including Vitamin C, carotenoids, dietary fibre, magnesium, calcium, potassium, Vitamin K, polyphenols and glucosinolates.