Aquaponics is the growing method which combines aquaculture with hydroponics allowing you to feed your crop by feeding your fish. Your crop will purify the water for your fish so you fish stay healthy. Your fish choice is determined by your market just as your crop is determined by your market.

We design and setup aquaponic systems for turnkey advanced farming using fish suited for your climate and crops suited to the aquaponic farming system. Whether you are looking for a rooftop aquaponics system or an on the ground aquaponics system we get you growing outdoors or in a tunnel.

You can grow almost anything in aquaponics you just need to set up the correct growing system for the crops needs. Some crops make more financial sense to be grown in this way than others as the set up cost are high and generally a tunnel is used which adds to the setup cost. High value crops are you best commercial choice unless you are a home gardener then you can grow carrots if you so wish.