Our Dream

Our dream is that in The Annapolis Valley, all youth have a safe, supportive and nurturing home.

If you want a place to belong, make some changes and have someone to walk with you in the next steps of your life...check us out!

For information on the 10 year plan to end youth homelessness go to www.youthhomelessnomore.ca.

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Our Mission

To reduce the number of youth experiencing homelessness in the Annapolis Valley and prevent further youth from becoming homeless.


1. Prevent youth from becoming homeless through partnerships that increases family supports and education.

2. Provide rapid rehousing of homeless youth through family reunification or supportive living utilizing a client-centered approach with Host Homes, supervised apartments, and supportive housing.

3. Participate in various existing community working groups to gain a thorough understanding of needs, services, programs, and resources already available to serve vulnerable youth and young adults.

4. Ensure that vulnerable youth can access supports that are youth centered, simple and direct.

5. To establish an integrated service delivery team would follow a complex case protocol for youth at risk with an emphasis on homelessness.

Where we came from...check History. If your interested in our recent accomplishments, click here