Logo COntest


Below are the five finalists in the Portage Park logo competition. If you are a property owners in Portage Park, you get to vote on which logo is going to represent our community moving forward. Once you decided which of these 5 options you want to represent Portage Park Development Project, let us know which one you prefer here.

Option 1

Mod's comments: This nifty piece shows the Chicago skyline under the Portage Park arc. We loved the idea of Portage Park embracing the whole of Chicago.

Artist's comments: This nifty piece showcases the history of portage park. The arrowhead pays respects to the native Americans who gave the area. The lagoon represents our powerful community that has thrived and continues to grow in new and beautiful ways. Finally, the Chicago skyline under the iconic Portage Park arc embodies the ambitions of the community and the success that we have all come together to create.

Artist: SirDylan

Option 2

Mod's comments: This piece of retro art is inspired by the local Portage Park movie theatre. We loved the idea, simplicity and its genuine connection to the neighbourhood.

Artist's comment: This logo was based from the design of the Theatre Marquee in Portage Park. I thought it was important to reference local culture in its design.

Below: Theatre Marquee in Portage Park

Artist: Anonymous

Option 3

Mod's comments: These art nouveau inspired gates also managed to catch our eye. We loved the simple yet expressive style.

Artist's comments: Values and emotions that logo aims to ignite:

  • Openness (opened gate)

  • Solidarity (once you pass the gate you become the member of grateful community)

  • Kindness (all willing to help)

  • A mark that community can identify with.

Artist: Regi

option 4

Mod's comment: This stylised arc in red and white is another extremely simple yet expressive logo worthy of your attention. We loved the minimalist approach.

Artist's comment: What I was looking for this logo is to represent the polish flag into a creative way: so I decided to use the red colour to make the arc of the entrance of portage park, while following a minimalistic language I played with the negative form, taking advantage of the white background, so I could represent the white colour of the polish flag, and this way I can make this flag with the colours of the words, which represents correctly the polish flag

Artist: Carel

Option 5

Mod's comments: This collage inspired piece of art covers it all. We loved how it included so many aspects of our project - the park, upx and our red and white buildings - while still being stylish and simple.

Artist's comment: At the center or heart of the design one will notice lush foliage and the gates of the Portage Park encircled in red and black. The lush foliage and metal gates not only embroider the description but also stand for the group being welcoming and strong. The Park not only gave the area its namesake, it created the neighbourhood by bringing different communities together. Behind the center graphics and overall shape of the image is the map of the Portage Park neighbourhood including the streets and avenues. It is outlined in our colors of red and white. Portage Park is not just a park but also a community and I wanted it to be acknowledged. I avoided imagery of large construction in my design because PP is a residential area designed for people to live in. Instead I added a small number of our red and white buildings. I also added some upx at the bottom as it is the main currency of the game, and added est. 2021 for the year the development project started

Artist: Some Hannibal

Once you decided, cast your vote by filling out this form.


Portage Park Development Project Official Logo Design Competition!

As our group grows we find the need to create a logo to represent the server, to be used in official NFTs like the founders token, and in any official Portage Park Development Project documents.

We welcome all graphic artists, designers, and amateurs as well to participate! Multiple entries per user are allowed, and we encourage people to explore the Portage Park area and history for inspiration. However, we would like to see the following elements included: the words "Portage Park", the park gates or other significant local icon, and the colors: red, white, and black. Please, post all entries to the logo-design-submissions channel for review.

After all submissions have been reviewed by the mod group we will select the top 5 designs to be voted on by the server members. The design which receives the most member votes will be selected, and immortalized by being minted onto the back of the founders token nfts which will be distributed to property holders once Portage Park is 100% minted.

his contest will be open ended for now, and as the entry submissions are collected we will announce a final date designs will be accepted. Cheers! Nostrovia! And happy Designing everyone!


Deadline & Prize!! The Portage Park logo design contest shall continue for 2 weeks from today, with submissions being accepted up to Thursday October 14th 6pm Pacific. The submissions shall be under review for the following 3 days, at which point we will put up the top entries for a vote by community members on Monday October 18th, Votes will be accepted for 24 hours from the time voting opens. The design with the most votes after 24 hours will be determined to be the winner of the contest. In the case of a tie a re-vote will be required between those that tied. THE PRIZE for the selected winner shall be: One Small Townhouse, built on any property you own in Portage Park !! **The winner must have at least 0.1 spark be able to start construction, after it has started we will rent spark to build the structure as quickly as possible (4 days) !!! In the case that the winner does not have 0.1 spark, they can swap that property to one of the server Mods to start the build, and after the build is complete the property can be swapped back to the winner. UPDATE: Logo Contest - Deadline & Prize!!