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Welcome to Porcupine Quillting

We provide quality, affordable long arm quilting services. We also make custom quilts such as t-shirt quilts and memory quilts.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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  • We've updated the Quilt Schedule page. The change makes it easier for us to update it. The new schedule also shows the quilt design and thread colors assigned to the quilt. If you have a mobile phone you will just see a black box with a link to the quilt schedule below it. Click on the link to view the schedule.

  • We have updated the quilting request form. Now that we are able to have customer visits, we don't need the detail required on the form previously. The new request is intended to provide a way to give us a heads up if you are working on a quilt that will need a quick turn around for the quilting.
    Click here to open the quilting request page.

  • We have updated our quilting design lists. We wanted to improve the ability to view the designs on a small device such as a phone. We have pages for our most popular designs, new designs and a page that has all of our patterns on it.
    Click here to open the quilting designs page.