7 Tips to Create a Popular and Engaging Video

Catch the audience's attention before losing it.

In today's world people are bombarded with distractions constantly, the notification from the news, a child's school, a co-worker's text, an e-mail from the bank, a reminder call about an appointment, it's obvious people are busy and easily distracted these days. This creates the challenge of making a video for any social media platform that captivates an audience's attention and captivate them within the first two to three seconds. Studies have shown the average human's attention span is less than a goldfish. Those two to three seconds are crucial. Here are some tips and tricks to captivate an audience and be engaging.

1. Cut to the Chase

There's no need for a long and drawn out introduction to a video. Catch people quickly with a creative thumbnail and teaser sentence to make them want to watch more instead of continue scrolling down.

2. Use a Creative Caption

The same idea goes for a caption, make it short, sweet, and enticing. Some social media platforms have videos on autoplay, the audience should be able to understand the video if it doesn't have sound based off of a caption.

3. Wisely Choose a Title

The need for a creative and catchy title is what can bring in more viewers even after the video has been posted for several days. Making a title easy and using popular keywords make it easy for others to search and find a video to re-watch or share with others.

4. Keep it Simple

The shorter and more direct a video is, the more likely viewers are to watch the whole thing. If the video just can't be condensed add a call to action so the audience understands what they need to do and it will keep them engaged for the whole span of a video. Avoid dumping too much information at one time, this can make the viewer feel overwhelmed and the video less memorable.

6. Post Directly to Social Media Platform

It is common to take the shot gun approach and post a video to all connected social media platforms. It, however, is more productive to decide which social media audience to address and then posting to just that platform. Trying to reach too broad of an audience can hurt the views and popularity.

7. Consider Going Live

Live videos are becoming more and more popular on all social media. This can make the creator more vulnerable to not creating a perfect video--there's no way to edit the video or the one hair that might be out of place, but it helps reach the goal of being engaging. The audience can engaged with the creator.

These seven tips and trick are bound to help create more success in the interest of videos and create growth in the reaches of the video.