Small Acreage Irrigation Workshop

Are you new to small acreage irrigation or have you been doing it awhile but still need to overcome some challenges? Whether purchasing a property or already an owner, you may have irrigation questions:

Can I use water from the ditch running across the property?

What is a water right and does the property have one?

What is the best method to irrigate my property?

How often should I irrigate?

What are some ways to deal with conflicts with my neighbor over water?

Come learn the answers to frequently asked questions regarding water rights, irrigation improvements, and dealing with conflicts in your neighborhood. A multi-disciplinary team from UW Extension, Department of Ag, and the State Engineer’s Office will address these topics. There will be a classroom style workshop on Thursday evening and site visits by appointment on Friday. Individuals or ditch groups can sign up for a time slot to tackle specific issues by contacting Dave at PACD 307-206-3197 or