How do you get an egg roll

Feel oneself hairstyle is too often with the crowd, have no characteristic to speak of? Eager to change your hairstyle, but in a variety of hairstyles? Try a lovely, fresh egg roll. So, how do you get an egg roll? Let's see!

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1. Blow your hair up with a hair dryer, especially the top of your head. When blowing head, you can use your hands to grab your hair in time to create a fluffy feeling.

2. Divide your hair into several layers according to your hair size, then roll your hair outward from the bottom layer with a curling iron. It's important to note that, unlike the usual curl, the egg roll is made by wrapping the hair vertically around the curling iron.

After finishing the first layer of curly hair, we began to roll the second layer. To note that the requirements of cone hair is every layer of hair amount to roughly equal, so in layered beginning to pay attention to the control component, because only the same hair amount to roll out the radian of consistent.

In the same way, curl the third layer of your hair. And so on, until all the layers of hair are curled up.

5. In order to make the overall effect of hair hairstyle more perfect, we also need to roll out the bangs.

6. Finish the tiny hair with a curling iron, making the look more layered.