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Considering a Water Feature for a Property

It might be freezing cold outside now, but it's the perfect time to be thinking about sprucing up your landscaping in the spring. Water features add a level of beauty and ambiance to a landscape design. The use of pond fountains will infuse serenity to any property, offering comfort with the trickling sound. The team at Living Water Aeration share some favorites that can transform a backyard or even commercial property.

Simple Fountain

Those who are wanting something that is timeless may want to go with a fountain. These have been popular for thousands of years and can be simple. Some only have one spouting boulder, while others may incorporate a detailed statue. It just depends on the homeowner’s taste and the look they wish to accomplish.

Fish Ponds

Sometimes, all that is needed to complete a landscape design is animal life. Fish are calming to watch and easy to care for. One of the most popular species for a backyard pond is koi and goldfish. When building a pond, be sure to protect the fish with a surface barrier and fence. This will deter pets from getting to the fish.

Beautiful Waterfall

The addition of a waterfall is a great way to accomplish natural beauty on a property. They are a great way to freshen and circulate water in a fish pond. If there isn’t a lot of garden space, or there are concerns about maintenance issues, it is easy to install a standalone waterfall.

Bird Bath

You don’t have to be an avid bird watcher to enjoy a bird bath. This is a great way to draw birds to the yard so that they can preen and splash year round. It is important to keep it clean and well stocked. Some may not realize that adding a bird bath can help with pest control. They attract birds that will eat bugs.

Tiled Pond

A tiled pond is a great way to combine modern aesthetics and natural elements. Line the pond with bold colors, mosaics, or other tile patterns. Go ahead and illuminate it with pool lights so it draws attention at night too.

When adding a water feature to your property, turn to the professionals at Living Water Aeration for the right pond fountains for your water feature. They have decorative and aerating fountains. When you visit their website, you can find specific information about their fountains that will meet the needs of any size pond or water feature.