Sale FAQ's

The following are a list of frequently asked questions by people regarding our sale. If you have a question that is not answered below, please email us at

Q - When is your sale?

The Multiple Blessings Consignment Sale is twice a year (Fall and Spring). Dates are TBD by availability of the location. Typically, we try to announce a date 2-3 months in advance.

Q - Where is your sale?

Our sale has been held at Middle Tennessee Christian School in Murfreesboro. We are very thankful for their support year after year! Due to growth of the school and our sale, we are trying a new location for Fall 2017. Please visit us at the Lane Agri-Park Community Center (315 John R Rice Blvd, Murfreesboro) – where the Farmer’s Market is held.

Q - Why is your consignment spots limited to multiples parents?

Multiple Blessings Consignment Sale is hosted by the Murfreesboro Parents of Multiples Club. Our club members are parents of twins, triplets, and more! Part of the club membership includes priority to sign up as a consignor and shop the pre-sale. After our club members sign up, we open the sale up to other multiples parents in the surrounding areas that are not members of POMC. Should we have any spots available, those will be open to the public.

Q - I don’t have multiples, can I shop your sale?

Yes! Our sale is open to the public on Saturday 8am – 2pm. We do close down for a short period of time (30 minutes) at 11:30am to prepare for the half price sale.

Q - I read that your sale is a fundraiser. What are you raising money for?

At the end of the sale, each consignor is paid their profits according to their membership split. Then the bills of hosting the sale are paid. What’s left is donated back to the Murfreesboro POMC group. The funds are used to help needy families in Rutherford County during the holidays. Sometimes these are members within our own club and sometimes they are members of the community. We also provide support to our members in the forms of meetings and special events for our families. Additionally, we support the March of Dimes. Pre-mature birth is a constant worry to an expectant multiples parent, and far too often becomes their reality.

Q - Why is your sale only 1 day?

Due to location and volunteer commitments; we can only currently hold the sale 1-day twice a year. We would love to be open longer for your shopping convenience but unfortunately it is just not possible for our group at this time. We hope that you will follow us on Facebook and sign up for our mailing list. We would LOVE to see you at our sale.

Q - I already consign with another sale, can I use my seller number and tags?

99% of the time, YES! If you already have a seller number from another sale please contact our Seller Coordinator, Katie Covington at to confirm that your number is available to use at our sale.

If you have never sold in a consignment sale before, please use your 3 initials and last 4 numbers of your phone number to create your seller number. Example: Jane A Doe with phone number 615-123-4567 has a seller number of JAD4567.

If you have previously sold with us before and have a 3 digit seller number, please continue to use that number.

Q - How can I shop early?

      • Consider consigning with us! Our consignors get first dibs on shopping!
      • If you are a multiples parents and reside in Middle Tennessee area, consider joining our club here
      • Volunteer to work the sale. Volunteers are allowed to shop with the consignors.
      • Consider hosting a vendor booth during the sale. Vendor space is extremely limited. This is a great way to put your product in front of the public.
      • A limited number of pre-sale passes will be available for purchase to benefit our partners - the USDA/SNAP food program at the Agri-Park will be available at a later date.

Q - I’m a consignor, how do I get paid?

Most consignors are paid at the end of our sale after cleanup is complete. We have historically paid our sellers the same day of the sale. If total sales by seller cannot be tabulated and reconciled by 5 PM, we will mail a check the following Monday to the address you registered with as consignor.

Q - What payments do you accept?

We will gladly accept cash and credit/debit cards at our sale. We no longer accept checks. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q- Do you accept returns?

No. Sorry, all sales are final. Please inspect items before you buy! If an item you purchase is misrepresented, please contact us here. Please include a detailed item description. When you shop our sale, please understand that generally our consignors are parents of multiples. Sometimes this means our items may get used more frequently than the average family. Price should reflect the quality of the item you are purchasing; however, we do not allow broken, stained, or defective items. Consignors that sell items that are defective or misrepresented will be warned, then banned if the problem persists.

Q - Can I bring my child to the sale?

Absolutely! Children are welcome. We are parents as well. If you are bringing in child in a carseat or stroller, please stop by our welcome desk when you arrive so that your items can be tagged. This will prevent confusion with items that are being purchased.

Q - What is done with left over items after the sale?

Any item left at the end of the sale that is not picked up by 4pm on Saturday, will be placed in a donation bin. Recipients of the donations are determined prior to each sale. If you know of a non-profit group taking donations, please feel free to contact our sale here.