Not all heroes wear capes.

Not all heroes are Human.

Meet the fuzzy cuddly developer who's going to keep your heart warm, and make your business run.

What's Polarts?

David Klein a.k.a Polarts is a freelance do-it-all developer, designer and writer. Focusing mainly on mobile apps, video games and web content, I'm always on the look for a new challenge; something I can learn from, something that would make me think.

Feel free to explore my works through this site and get your impressions. I can do almost anything related to the computer world, ranging from simple logo designs, through video editing and music composition, up to coding with complex algorithms.

My philosophy is: with enough effort and dedication, anything is possible. Thus, I work with a lot of dedication, and of course creativity, in order to achieve the best result. My clients and employers deserve only the best and are always top priority.

Among a selection of my designs, you'll also find information and links to some of the projects I'm currently working on, personal and public.