Quantum Polaritonics

An international research partnership of state-of-the-art experimental laboratories and theoretical groups between the University of Cambridge, MIT-Skoltech, and the University of Southampton.

Polariton Circuits

In this project we investigate the fundamental properties of spinor polariton condensates towards polariton circuits. We aim to develop the toolbox for all-optical writing of polariton circuits on planar microcavities and utilize the spin of polaritons in configuration that bear applications in all optical switching, optical routing, and volatile optical memory components.

Key researchers:

Dr Alexis Askitopoulos, Dr Namig Hasanov

Kirill Kalinin, Lucy Pickup

Relevant publications:

Title: Optical bistability under non-resonant excitation in spinor polariton condensates

Authors: L. Pickup, K. Kalinin, A. Askitopoulos, Z. Hatzopoulos, P. G. Savvidis, N. G. Berloff, P.G. Lagoudakis,

Source: arXiv:1709.07351 (2017)

Title: Nonresonant optical control of a spinor polariton condensate

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Title: Half-skyrmion spin textures in polariton microcavities

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Title: Polariton Spin Whirls

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Title: Robust platform for engineering pure-quantum-state transitions in polariton condensates

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