Turn your spreadsheet into a secure savings group app

Savings Groups (SG) are community-managed groups typically of 15-30 people who get together regularly to save and eventually borrow if they choose to. These savings and borrowing activity lasts about a year at the end of which everyone gets back their own savings, plus their share of money the group has earned from interest. If you wish to start your savings group, we encourage you to go to Start Your Savings Group dot com.

If your Group uses a spreadsheet for financial records keeping, then you can successfully turn this spreadsheet into a secure Savings Group app with powerful features that each member can use before, during and after your face-to-face meetings (to perform, manage and track financial transactions; learn more about SG principles trough custom videos; receive group related information...). Our solution allow you to preserve the basic principles of your SG and it strong social dynamic by simply turning your blue box into a 100% free cash-in/cash-out point managed by the box keeper during meetings.

Three ways we can assist you in making spreadsheets work for your savings group

Customize AppSheet Training

Wish to learn how to build a powerful Savings Group app from your spreadsheet? Let us customize and deliver an AppSheet training that meet your specific needs and those of your group. In return, you will be able to help others including those you're not part of your SG.

Custom SGs Mobile Solutions

You love the idea of turning your Group's spreadsheet into a powerful mobile app but you're to busy to learn how to do it yourself ? we can turn any Saving Group process (including complex ones) into a secure multi-language user-friendly mobile app solution.

App Maintenance & Support

You have successfully turned your Savings Group spreadsheet into a powerful mobile app and you need to add new features/functionalities or provide ongoing support to your Savings Group members? We have what it takes and will be happy to help you trough

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