Membership and Financial Reports:

  1. Powerpoint Presentation of Leader Training: Click HERE
  2. NEW Annual Tracking Financial Worksheet (Excel): Click HERE
    • New report will now include transactions from May 1, 2018 - April 30, 2019 for all troops to be entered
  3. Annual Troop Finance Report (AFR) How-To Guide: Click HERE
  4. San Diego Girl Scout Website for links and Information: Click HERE
  5. San Diego Girl Scout Annual Financial Report Webinar Training's: Click HERE
    • Online webinar training is approx. 1 hour

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Financial FAQs

1. What should you spend your money on?

What exactly are the do’s and dont's? It can easily be summed up in these three simple rules:

  • Troops funds benefit the whole troop (not an individual or just a couple of people; and should be limited to actual troop members and volunteers)
  • The girls decide how troop funds are spent (GIRLS decide, adults guide and should be careful not to unduly influence decision)
  • Event and activities should relate to Girl Scout program goals Discover, Connect, Take Action (this does not mean everything has to be PBS educational, having fun learning new skills and trying new things is good)

2. How can my troop have Money Earning Projects?

  • Girl Scouts is very supportive of developing entrepreneurship! Product sales train our girls early on to set goals and to learn how to budget for activities like camp, horseback riding and travel.
  • But often troops set a goal that costs more than they can earn by selling cookies and they look for new ways to earn money. This is where Money Earning Projects come in.
  • When you’ve decided what you’d like to do the Money Earning Project Proposal that you’ll fill out and give to the Service Unit Managers for approval. Click Here for the Money Earning Project Application

3. What?? Bank Account?? What do I do??

  • Get started with a bank account at Wells Fargo. Girl Scouts, San Diego has a partnership with Wells Fargo. This makes it easier for everyone who participates and there are no monthly fees! To set up an account or make changes you will need a driver’s license, second form of photo identification and money for deposit for a new account.
  • Use your debit card. Debit cards are a great convenience as they provide for an electronic record of all your transactions and also will cut down on reimbursements that may have to be made directly to the leader. If you or another co-leader are usually the one shopping for supplies or making a trip to the girl scout store then have them use the troop debit card. Review monthly statements and reconcile transactions. The debit card should be used with caution and only for valid troop expenses.

4. Are there any other tips that I should know?

  • Handle as little cash as possible. Once your troop is established and the troop has earned money from either product sales or money earning projects use the troop account to fund troop expenses. Take time to plan and set goals. Consider an annual start up fee for returning girls and a separate start up fee for new girls joining mid-year. Make regular deposits at the bank. This can be done by anyone as long as they have a deposit slip and the troop bank account number.
  • Use troop checks for payments. In cases where you cannot use the troop debit card and a check is requested or required complete a Check Request Form and ask your Treasurer to write you a check. The Check Request Form is a good tool to aid the Treasurer when writing checks. Receipts should be provided at the time of the request or shortly thereafter.
  • Train leaders and parents. There is an abundant number of forms and resources available to assist you and your troop on the Girl Scouts San Diego website at Training is not only for the designated Treasurer. Ask your parents to read through Volunteer Essentials, Chapter 5 Managing Group Finances. Have a parent meeting to familiarize everyone with training resources available on line and related forms.
  • Transparency is key. Provide regular financial reports to the troop and parents. Share results from product sales or money-earning events. Maintain copies of all receipts and a detailed ledger for payments received and payments made. As the Treasurer you are in charge of making sure money is spent wisely and that accurate records are kept (keeping copies of all receipts in a binder or folder), and tracking all income, too.
  • Individual Teen Girl Scout Records. While all funds are for Girl Scout activities, Girl Scout Cadette, Senior and Ambassador troops may use the Teen Girl Finances Ledger System. The system allows for individual record keeping within the troop account -- it does not allow individual bank accounts for each girl. Any money contributed to a girl and deposited into the troop bank account remains the property of the troop; the troop must determine its use in the event the girl does not continue with Girl Scouting. The records of charges from and contributions to a girl’s record within the troop bank account must be available at all times to the girl and her parents. Documentation, such as receipts, is required for any Girl Scout purchase. Note: This system is not appropriate for use in Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie and Junior troops.
  • Annual financial reports are not optional. Each troop is required to complete an annual Troop Financial Report at the end of each school year. The Annual Report consists of three parts.

1. Detailed Cash Record- an accounting of all income and expenses. Input dates, details and categorize transactions. This is similar to your check register.

2. Annual Financial Report & Equipment Inventory -a record of your troop information, bank account information, equipment listing and summary of the troop financials.

3. Current Bank Statement - provided by Wells Fargo and mailed monthly. Your current bank statement balance must balance out with the ending balance on your annual financial report. If there are transactions outstanding then they need to be accounted for.

Failure to submit a completed financial report could result in your troop banned from participation in product sales, encampments and/or the troop account being frozen. Any troop changes will be on hold until the annual report is completed and submitted to the Service Unit Treasurer and Council.