App Compatible

As well as our individual .pdf map guides, we supply the corresponding .GPX files per walk too. This means that if you're not one for printouts or navigating by looking at .pdf's on your phone screen (and prefer using a navigation app such as Viewranger or the O/S app), then you can upload the .GPX route to use in that app too. Each app deals with these files slightly differently, but if it's compatible then you can see each route on your phone in this way too.

We've put together a few quick screen shots (below) showing how these .GPX files look when you import them into 'Viewranger', which is a widely-used, free navigation phone app. Either use the app on it's own to navigate, or do so alongside the individual route .pdf's. In this manner you can double-check directions or read some of the additional information we've included about the flora and fauna, or history on your route.

The whole thing

This is what you'll see with Viewranger on your phone when you have your track loaded.


Step 1 Load GPX track into Viewranger and select to view track in full


Step 2 Your track should now be visible with all waypoints. At this stage you need to turn it into a 'Route', before you can navigate with it fully in situ.


Click on the individual waypoint, and you should see a copy of the step-by-step waypoints on the route's original .pdf version. Make the 'track' into a 'route' to start navigating with it from here; your phone's 'location' will need to be switched on, too.