About Us

We're outdoors and map fanatics - full stop.. Luckily we've also got over 20 years experience in creating illustrated mapping of various kinds: from digital to detailed hand-crafted maps. More specifically, we've also got previous project experience in creating graphical guide materials to assist both recreational walkers and cyclists in the outdoors too.

Add to this ongoing fascination with all things maps, an equal fascination with walking, the outdoors and outdoor activities and you've pretty much got us on the nail. We've combined these various passions in our map guides and routes for you here in Point2 guides. We really hope that you like them...

Our love of maps and mapmaking

The Teme Valley Trail System

A bespoke brand new illustrated route map system created for the 'Teme Valley Trail ' project for Malvern Hills District Council. This was very much the early prototype format of where Point2 Guides has evolved from.

Hand-rendered maps

We love a good hand-drawn map and have been lucky enough to work on various projects which lent themselves to these hands-on, craft -illustrated lovelies.

Maps for publishing

We've got over 20 years of experience working on mapping projects for both UK publishers and also those abroad.

Phenomenological walks

A recent fascination which takes in elements of fine art practice and quick, visceral, on the move sketches of the surroundings while out on countryside walks.

Our love of the outdoors

This is Andy our route charter and map illustrator when he was a nipper in the Peak District hills. His love of the outdoors has never diminished and has just grown and grown from that point.

At Point2, our small but dedicated team are passionate about all things outdoors and we're regular walkers, cyclists, wild-swimmers and kayak-paddlers amongst other things. Andy also runs a near 200-strong social media community of outdoor enthusiasts who regularly take to the hills, tracks and rivers across the UK too, so you can be sure that we most definitely 'practice what we preach' when we say we love the outdoors!