When the end is not 'The End'. The poetry will continue

It's been a long time since I wrote a PLOG (poetry blog) but about time that I did. The other day I made a rash decision that I wouldn’t write any more poetry. Like I could drop it from my life and have no knock on effect to who I am. After frustrations of lack of ideas (through no one's fault) and life being busy (in a good way) I was starting to think is there any point in writing? Does it do any good for the world?

On reflection I see now that my thoughts were not in the right place so I admit that I made a mistake in such a decision. And to post it on a whim was not a great idea. After all poetry has been a part of my life for many years and hope it will be for many more.

To answer the first question I just asked, I think there is a point in writing as it gets many thoughts and ideas out of my head and into the world. Whether people agree or understand them it shouldn’t matter too much as it’s my way of expression. And to answer the second question - ‘does it do any good for the world’ - well maybe in a small way, if only it helps keep my mind clear and working to creating something to read that someone may relate to.

I plan to get writing again soon with exploring ideas that may not be true to life but exploring ideas that I may not have been written about. But of course there will be poetry about nature - it wouldn’t be my poetry unless there was a mention of a natural element to add to my words. I looked back at a few photographs and after a family trip to a local nature reserve I found a few thoughts that the poetry can and will carry on.

All the best,

Poet Jordan