The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six. - Maria Montessori

Join Us for an Open House and a Tour

Pocatello Valley Montessori School is located at 240 E Maple Street. Enrollment for the the 2019-20 school year opens for the general public on April 1, 2018. Open house dates are as follows:

If you’d like to see the school sooner than that, we invite you to contact us for a tour at 208-417-1930.

Pocatello Valley Montessori School

240 E Maple Street

Pocatello ID, 83201

Attend an Open House

Our next open house will be scheduled in the Spring. Pocatello Valley Montessori School offers open houses during the Spring and Summer months. Let us show you the Montessori method in person. Meet our teachers. See our beautiful learning materials.

Botany studies begin in preschool.

The Montessori Method is a hands-on approach that builds on children’s innate curiosity. Students work at their own pace using concrete materials that represent abstract concepts. Most of the instruction is given one-on-one or in groups of three or four. Unlike traditional schools where children rotate subjects at set times–whether they understand the instruction or not–the Montessori Method allows students to focus on each learning task until they fully grasp the concept. Children develop deep concentration in their school work because they don’t get interrupted in the middle of their learning. Students move freely about the classroom, sometimes working alone, sometimes with a friend. At times, they may sit at a small table, or they may work on a work-matt on the floor.

What Other Parents Have Said

“I have been absolutely blown away with how much my daughter has learned this year in Miss Sandra’s class. She comes home excited to show us the locations of countries she has memorized that I’ve never even heard of. She is reading and writing far above her grade level and doing math that my other kids didn’t do until they were much older. The Montessori method has really helped to foster her sense of responsibility for her own learning. She told me one morning that she had figured out that if she did the work (at school) that she didn’t want to do first then she could have more time to do things she liked better. What a valuable life lesson! Miss Sandra is extremely dedicated and well-prepared. Her classroom is calm, quiet, and polite. It is also a happy, safe, nurturing, and educationally stimulating environment for each student. I could not be more pleased with my daughter’s experience with Miss Sandra at PVMS.” –PVMS Parent

Children work with wooden learning materials.

“Pocatello Valley Montessori School is awesome! Miss Shelley is amazing. My little girl is very shy, and in the beginning she had a hard time when I would leave. Now she is so excited to go to school! I never thought that would ever happen! It is so nice to have Miss Shelley send an e-mail at the end of each week so I can talk with my daughter about all the things she learned. I love that they have a different theme each week. They do a lot of hands on activities. She has learned so much! Thank you PVMS and thank you Miss Shelley!” –PVMS Parent

“Can we just say again that you are the best?!?! Yesterday [our son] said ‘know who studies dinosaurs? …paweontowogists’. …And he knows Pluto is a dwarf planet and still knows there are 7 continents. He loves learning… thank you!!!” –PVMS Parent