The greatest sign of success for a teacher... is to be able to say, ’The children are now working as if I did not exist.’ - Maria Montesori

Meet Our Pocatello Montessori Teachers and Board

Pocatello Valley Montessori is passionate about Montessori education. Our teachers are educational guides, introducing children to learning opportunities. This approach to education allows children to pursue their passions, at their own level and pace. As children progress, the teachers continue to guide, gently drawing them into new and progressively more challenging learning experiences.

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Karli Coumerilh

Miss Karli – Director

Miss Karli started as director of the school in 2018. Karli has a BA in Social Work, and will complete her Masters degree in December 2019. With 3 children of her own in the program, Karli was familiar with the school and came well recommended as an active, passionate, involved parent. Karli gives great first-hand advice to incoming parents and supports the staff so they can spend more time serving your children


Toddler Montessori Guide (Ages 18-36 months):

Morgan Kirkham

Miss Morgan — Lead Montessori Guide, Toddler

Miss Morgan is an experienced child care provider and the lead guide in our Montessori Toddler Program. Morgan is one of the founders of the school. She became acquainted with the superiority of the Montessori Method when her oldest son was just a toddler. She enrolled him in a Montessori preschool and then worked tirelessly to start Pocatello Valley Montessori School. Morgan is a valued and long-term founding member of the school community.


Primary Montessori Guide (Ages 3 to 5):

Amy Holgate

Miss Amy – Lead Montessori Guide, Primary Classroom

Miss Amy came to Pocatello Valley Montessori school after spending several years working as a paraprofessional in the local schools. She became intrigued by the Montessori philosophy while attending education classes at Idaho State University. Coming into the Montessori classroom felt like “home” to her as she embraced the individual paced instruction. She loves creating practical life material which teach young children useful skills like buttoning, sweeping, pouring, and simple food preparation. In addition to fostering specific skills, Practical life materials are often the children’s first introduction to the classroom and help a child develop inner discipline, self-regulation, focus, and concentration.

Amy holds a American Montessori Society accreditation from the Montessori Institute at Westminster College in Salt Lake City. She and her husband have three daughters.


Primary Montessori Guide (Ages 3 to 5):

Stephanie Harman

Miss Stephanie – Lead Montessori Guide, Primary Classroom

Miss Stephanie was born and raised in Pocatello Idaho, educated through Idaho State University receiving her early childhood development certificate, and is currently working on her Montessori certifications. She became intrigued in the Montessori way through her affiliation with the Pocatello Valley Montessori School as an assistant. She has had a passion for teaching for many years. Her experience ranges from working in various childhood development centers, operating her own pre-school and raising 5 children. When she isn't teaching, Stephanie enjoys watching her children grow in their various talents and activities, spending time with her husband, being outdoors, helping others, cooking and crafting.


Primary Montessori Guide (Ages 3 to 5):

Ashley Stehno

Miss Ash – Lead Montessori Guide, Primary Classroom

Miss Ash went from a parent volunteer to an assistant before becoming a lead Montessori guide at PVMS. She has years of experience in the toddler, primary, and lower elementary programs. Before teaching in a classroom, Miss Ash used the Montessori method as part of her homeschool curriculum. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and two stepdaughters. She also enjoys being outdoors and exploring her creative side through multiple mediums.

Miss Ash is currently completing her Montessori Certification through North American Montessori Center.


Primary Montessori Guide (Ages 3 to 5):

Danyiel Ward

Miss Danyiel – Lead Montessori Guide, Primary Classroom

Danyiel has been a professional educator for over 10 years. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education from Idaho State University. She worked for School District 25 for 4 years, then came home after her son was born. She then taught preschool in her home for many years. Danyiel has had a strong passion for teaching since she was in high school. She taught dance, swimming, and worked in many schools until she graduated from college.

Danyiel is excited to be teaching at Pocatello Valley Montessori School. She is currently working on her Montessori training and will be done with it later this year.

In her spare time Danyiel and her husband and two children love to ride bikes, travel and cheer on their broncos at B.S.U football games.


Lower Elementary Montessori Guide (Ages 6 to 9):

Sandra Morgan

Miss Sandra – Lead Montessori Guide, Lower Elementary Classroom

Miss Sandra grew up in Utah; however, after living in Chubbuck for the past 23 years, she is happy to call Idaho her home. She and her husband, Rich, have six children, all of whom have benefited from a Montessori education. Naturally loving and caring by nature, Sandra loves working with children and is passionate about the Montessori method as an approach to life and learning. She has a Montessori Lower Elementary diploma from the North American Montessori Center, and is the teacher of Pocatello Valley Montessori’s Lower Elementary program. She has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from ISU.

Outside of the classroom, Sandra’s favorite pastime is cheering on her children from the sidelines as they participate in sports and musical activities. She also enjoys reading, gardening, and spending time with family.


School Board Chairman

Kathy Kirkham

Kathy Kirkham is the chairman of the PVMS School Board

Kathy and Rich are co-founders of the school along with their children, Matt and Morgan Kirkham. Rich and Kathy own and operated Commercial Real Estate Services in Pocatello Idaho (Dale’s Inc). In 2002, they founded the successful The Academy Charter School in Pocatello, a Harbor School that has grown to serve nearly 500 children in the Pocatello-Chubbuck area.


School Board Member

Rich Kirkham

Rich Kirkham is the past school board chairman of PVMS School Board. Rich is a local businessman and long-time supporter of educational choice. Rich was a founder of the Academy Charter School in 2003 (now called Connor Academy). His mother, Bodell Smith Kirkham, was a public school teacher who taught English, Journalism and French at Pocatello High School so he has a deep appreciation for education. Rich is a graduate of Brigham Young University where he majored in Business with an emphasis in Economics . He minored in Spanish. Rich is proud that 6 of his grandchildren have attended Pocatello Valley Montessori School, founded by his son Matt and his Daughter-in-Law Morgan, in 2014.


School Board Member

Matt Kirkham

Matt is the school treasurer and bookkeeper

Matt Kirkham is one of the school's founders and member of the PVMS School Board. Matt is pursuing a PHD in chemistry at Idaho State University and has 3 children at PVMS


School Board Member:

TJ Harman

TJ Works at INEL. His wife Stephanie is a Lead Montessori Guide at PVMS.


School Board Member:

Nicky Berry

Community leader