Poca Middle School Band

Welcome to the Poca Middle School Band Homepage. We are all extremely excited about the year and the wonderful opportunities and challenges it has to offer. The Poca Dot Band operates on PRIDE, “Dot Pride.” The group is motivated by this ideal and the members have a strong loyalty to their band, music, school, family, community, and each other. Each of us has the ability to make this a truly outstanding band year, and all have a duty to do their best.

The Poca Middle School Band will be a integral part of Poca Middle School and the Poca community. We provide support and spirit for our athletes, coaches, and student body. We aid the community by performing at nursing homes, veteran’s homes and community concerts throughout the year. We provide a positive role model for younger students interested in band and in need of positive influences.

Because of the above, we have a responsibility to do and be the very best we can be. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and everyone’s cooperation to make this a Superior Band!

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to contact Mr. Harper, band director:

Telephone: 304-755-7343 ext. 6723 (Band Office)

E-mail: alharper@k12.wv.us