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Polio - WikipediaYour browser indicates if you've visited this linkhttps en wikipedia org/wiki/PoliomyelitisPolio, short for poliomyelitis, is an infectious disease caused by the poliovirus In about 0 5 percent of cases, there is muscle weakness resulting in an inability to move This can occur over a few hours to a few days The weakness most often involves the legs, but may less commonly involve the muscles of the head, neck and diaphragm Many people fully recover Polio - Symptoms and causes - Mayo ClinicYour browser indicates if you've visited this linkhttps mayoclinic org/diseases-conditions/polio/symptoms-causes/syc-20376512Polio is a contagious viral illness that in its most severe form causes nerve injury leading to paralysis, difficulty breathing and sometimes death In the U S , the last case of naturally occurring polio was in 1979 Today, despite a worldwide effort to wipe out polio, poliovirus continues to affect children and adults in parts of Asia and Africa What is Polio? - Centers for Disease Control and PreventionYour browser indicates if you've visited this linkhttps cdc gov/polio/what-is-polio/index htmPolio, or poliomyelitis, is a disabling and life-threatening disease caused by the poliovirus ; The virus spreads from person to person and can infect a person's spinal cord, causing paralysis (can't move parts of the body) Polio: Types, Causes, & SymptomsYour browser indicates if you've visited this linkhttps healthline com/health/poliomyelitisPolio (also known as poliomyelitis) is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system Children younger than 5 years old are more likely to contract the virus than Polio: Symptoms, Prevention, and TreatmentYour browser indicates if you've visited this linkhttps webmd com/children/what-is-polioPolio is a virus that spreads easily between people who aren't vaccinated Although you can get polio at any age, kids under 5 have the highest risk of getting it When Polio Triggered Fear Among Parents in the Post-World Your browser indicates if you've visited this linkhttps history com/news/polio-fear-post-wwii-eraIn the 1950s, the polio virus terrified American families Parents tried "social distancing"—ineffectively and out of fear Polio was not part the life they had signed up for Polio Elimination in the U S | CDCYour browser indicates if you've visited this linkhttps cdc gov/polio/what-is-polio/polio-us htmlIn the early 1950s, before polio vaccines were available, polio outbreaks caused more than 15,000 cases of paralysis each year Following introduction of vaccines—specifically, trivalent inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) in 1955 and trivalent oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV) in 1963—the number of polio cases fell rapidly to less than 100 in Polio Facts on Vaccine, Symptoms, Causes, Outbreak & HistoryYour browser indicates if you've visited this linkhttps medicinenet com/polio_facts/article htmPolio is caused by person-to-person transmission of polio viruses (enteroviruses, three main types) Not receiving the polio vaccine is the highest risk factor for getting infected with poliovirus The viruses are only spread human to human by direct and indirect contact polio | Definition, Symptoms, Vaccine, & Facts | BritannicaYour browser indicates if you've visited this linkhttps britannica com/science/polioPolio, in full poliomyelitis, also called infantile paralysis, acute viral infectious disease of the nervous system that usually begins with general symptoms such as fever, headache, nausea, fatigue, and muscle pains and spasms and is sometimes followed by a more-serious and permanent paralysis of muscles in one or more limbs, the throat, or the chest More than half of all cases of polio Burkina Faso resumes polio vaccination campaigns under Your browser indicates if you've visited this linkhttps afro who int/news/burkina-faso-resumes-polio-vaccination-campaigns-under-strict-covid-19-prevention-measuresPolio is a viral disease, that is transmitted from person to person, mainly through a faecal-oral route or, less frequently, through contaminated water or food, and multiplies inside the intestines While there is no cure for polio, the disease can be prevented through the administration of a simple and effective vaccine More results

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