PNHS Computer Science Information Page

Why Learn Computer Science?

Computer Science permeates all aspects of our daily lives and has become central to everything we do. Whether you're going into art, agriculture, engineering, business, or nearly any other subject, you will be required to use and control technology at a fundamental level. Learning Computer Science will help you develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills required in our modern-day workforce.

Computer Science Courses Offered at PNHS

PNHS Computer Science Course Recommendations:

In an effort to make recommendations for computer science courses more transparent, below you will find course descriptions, prerequisites, and student responsibilities for each course. It is our intention to promote computer science to as many students as possible and not limit access to anyone. The courses we have available for the upcoming school year will not only provide students with a unique opportunity to test their abilities in a growing field where demand exceeds supply, but also aid students in their abilities to problem-solve in other curricular areas.

Prerequisite(s): Algebra 1 | Freshmen+ | No Programming Experience Necessary

Description: This course introduces students to the basics of computers, the internet, logic, design, and programming. This course will guide students from basic programming techniques all the way to object-oriented programming. Our language of study will be Python, an easy-to-learn programming language that is appropriate for even students who have no experience to start with.

Prerequisite(s): Algebra 1 | Sophomore+ | No Programming Experience Necessary

Description: AP Computer Science Principles focuses more on computer science and less on programming. There is a programming component but the course is more about technology and innovation than anything else. The College Board has designed the course around “7 Big Ideas”: Creativity, Abstraction, Data and Information, Algorithms, Programming, The Internet, and Global Impact. This is meant to be an introductory class to computer science but with the rigors and expectations of an AP level course.

Prerequisite(s): Computer Programming 1&2 | Sophomore+

Description: The focus of AP Computer Science A is on software development and uses Java as the language. Students will be interacting with code every day, either writing it themselves, interpreting it, or using it for a specific purpose. This class walks through the fundamentals of program design and ends on higher order and abstract principles of programming, focusing on object-oriented programming.

Other Ways to Participate in Computer Science at PNHS

Join our computer science club, called Byte Club, that meets every Friday after school! We discuss different topics each week and no previous coding experience is necessary to join. We cover topics, such as: Python, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Cryptography, Graphics, Gaming Tournaments, Coding Challenges, and more!

Create a science/engineering project and participate in our annual science fair!

Check out the 2019 winning project (video to left): "Uru the Robotic Spider" by Jack Anderson, Ryan Walczak, and Michael Schmauderer.