Black Daisies Fundraiser

PMMDC'S Black Daisies needs your help

We are launching a crowdsourcing campaign for the month of August. We have 31 13 days to raise $3,500 and we need you to reach our goal. Our success so far has been mainly through the generosity of our community supporters.

Visit PMMDC’s campaign on Fractured Atlas’ to make a contribution today!

For as long as I can remember I have been making dances and trying to make the world a better place.

That hasn’t changed yet!

I am launching a new work that aims to spark a revolution in these challenging times.

PMMDC Black Daisies Campaign

THANK YOU to all of our donors:

Anonymous (you know who you are)

Will Johnson

Athalie Laguerre

Dalienne Majors

Carly Machado

Michael J. Lythcott

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Anonymous (you know who you are)

Alexis Toriello

Artesia Balthrop

Ariel Asche

Elizabeth (Betsy) A. Preston

Aaron Merkin

Eva Greene

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Tayana Tenenbaum

Emily Preston

Darlene Joseph

Anonymous (you know who you are)