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When the water has stopped go back up the loft with a bucket a scoop and rags/towels , as you will probably need to clean the gunge out of the bottom of the tank . taking care not to let any go down into the system !

Now to check there is no air locks untie the stop cock and let a good bit of water run down the pipe , a few seconds you should hear your mate shout up . If so good no airlocks the system is drained tie it back up go down .

If you have an air block you can squirt water back up the way from the tap via the hose , of course remembering to close the bleed valves first !

Refilling After Draining A Central Heating System

Refilling after draining a central heating system is bit of a reverse process but still requires a bit of thought to avoid any problems .

Close the drain cock , close all ! the bleed valves .

Go back up the loft and fill the expansion tank remembering to take the inhibitor with you ! tip it in slowly as the tank fills so it can get in the system not just the tank !

Wait up there untill the ballcock has stopped the water to make sure it works properly ! ok finished up there put the lid on .

Go to the downstairs radiators and bleed them one by one and then do the upstairs .

Be sure every thing is tightly closed , switching all back to how it was then fire up the boiler .

Turn the thermostat up , to bring the system to heat up it will probably make knocking and creaking noises !

Now you can try to bleed the rads of any air left in them (will be hot this time yeh!) .

Lastly when the the system has fully heated up cheak for any leaks . Thats it job done well done !

Need A Plumber In Portsmouth To Drain Your Central Heating ?

If you feel you need a plumber to drain your central heating and your in the Portsmouth area contact me the Portsmouth City Plumber

or for any other heating and plumbing jobs you need on 07919 372 550. I have a pair of wellies should you make a mistake draining central heating systems !

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