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Installing a Shower Pan- 4 Other Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Install A Shower Pan

Here are 4 other mistakes you need to be aware of:

Leaks- Water damage can be expensive

Wrong Drain- Find this out too late and you may have to remove your shower pan liner.

Getting the corner folds wrong- Doing this the wrong way and you can have water running behind the your shower pan liner and that means water damage. Like mentioned above this can be be expensive.

Hooking the drain up to the pan wrong- Water damage can occur and not just in the that room. Rooms that share the some wall as the shower could be effected also.

Mortar Mixing- What Could Go Wrong?

Install a Shower Pan

Mortar Mixing- What Could Go Wrong?

Not having your mix right. If you don't have your sand and cement mixed correctly then the floor of the pan can be brittle and crumble.

Watch how much water you add to the mix. Too much water and your ability to work with the mud will suffer. This can cause waves in the shower floor which can lead to bad drainage.

Finding Septic Safe Toilet Paper is Easy with These Tips

Septic systems are expensive to make repairs to and replace. Following a few simple septic maintenance tips can go along way towards keeping your septic running smoothly. One of the easiest tips to follow is choosing the best toilet paper for septic systems. You want a toilet paper brand that is going to dissolve quickly and lead to less clogging. The good news is you can find lots of septic safe toilet paper at your favorite grocery store or buy in bulk online to save money without compromising comfort and durability.

Septic Safe Toilet Paper

Septic systems are an expensive part of your home and responsible for collecting, holding, and treating your waste. Making repairs or replacing a home septic system entirely is not only costly but the situation leading up to needed repairs can be stressful and time consuming. A simple way to keep your septic running smoothly is to use the right toilet paper.

The type of toilet paper you and your family uses makes a big difference in the health of your septic. The best toilet paper for septic systems leads to fewer clogs, less of a break down of bacteria, and less leakage. So what is the best toilet paper for septic systems?

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