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The Rinnai R75LSi is an exceptionally quiet on demand water heater. You'll overlook that it's even there. All you'll pay attention to is tranquility as water is sent in and through when heating up water. The whole house will be more quiet, too.

The Rinnai R75LSi Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater - Hot Water & Savings

Continual Hot water

Not only do you get instantaneous hot water, but you get an unending supply. It's doable to run 3 appliances that use lots of hot water at once, and still not run out. There's no hot water tank to keep the hot water in. As water is run through the unit, it's heated up. As you use the water, it's heated up.

Savings on Gas

Some users of the Rinnai hot water heater say that there is not lots of gas savings. But most reports state that there is up to a 15% savings on the gas charge and on usage. This is an energy-saving appliance, also, and has a Federal energy tax credit available. State and local tax refunds or credits are available in various areas.


When you compare other tankless water heaters, this Rinnai has a good price. Especially considering the quality associated with it.

Get the right Size for Your spot

Be sure that you get the correct size of flash water heater for your use. For a larger home, make sure you don't get too small of a water heater. You'll need this Rinnai for a smaller living place. Consider the Rinnai R94LSi for a 3 bedroom home or larger. If you need a littler unit, be sure not to spend more money on a bigger natural gas water heater.

For immediate hot water on demand, if you want to upgrade to a tankless water heater, be sure to look at the Rinnai R75LSi for a 2 - 3 bedroom home.

Video on Rinnai R75LSi natural gas tankless water heater

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