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Need A Plumber In Portsmouth To Fit A New Bathroom ?

There are many reasons why people want or need a new bathroom suite to replace the old one or to add another one to there property . Or to add an additional toilet or shower room as an upgrade process of the home . Or it could be for practical reasons due to mobility or disability problems but what ever your reasons are you need a plumber in portsmouth to fit a new bathroom etc contact me and you wont be disappointed .

New modern bathrooms and shower rooms need a good plumber to give it the wow factor you are looking for . Well fitted and installed bathrooms increase the value of the home and can give you a great feeling of well being . Dont be tempted to hire a handy man or those 2 benefits could be lost .

Need A Corgi Gas Safe Engineer Plumber In Portsmouth ?

If you need a corgi/gas safe registered engineer/plumber in the portsmouth area contact this Portsmouth Plumber , by calling 07919 372 550 or by visiting the website for further details . Experienced professional help and advice for your gas central heating system , boiler problems , fire places and gas ovens and cookers all serviced , repaired and installed at very affordable prices .

Grundfos UP10-16B5/LC

Installing a circulator pump may be a challenging job even for a trained professional. Fortunately, Grundfos UP10-16B5/LC is a new model of water pumps that can be simply connected to the pipe and let it start its job. This is one of the reasons why this particular circulator pump is so popular in the domain of enhancing plumbing systems.

Grundfos UP10-16B5/TLC

Like some other Grundfos pumps, Grundfos UP10-16B5/TLC has an integrated times and motor protection, which increase the life of the unit. In addition, it has an incorporated aquastat that keeps control over the pressure and temperature of the flow. Therefore, the maximum pressure at which this pump can work is of 145 psi and the temperature range is between 4 and 95 degrees Celsius.

Grundfos UP10-16B5/ATLC

Usually, this pump work best in the hot water recirculation systems of homes and small houses, rather than big buildings. It can also perform in solar or radiant heating applications, because of its aquastat and timer. Grundfos UP10-16B5/ATLC needs to be connected at a source of 115V and works with 25W, which is rather satisfactory considering its components and features.

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