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Shaughnessy is an almost entirely residential neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, spanning about 447 hectares[1] in a relatively central locale. It is bordered by 16th Avenue to the north, 41st Avenue to the south, Oak Street to the east, and East Boulevard to the west. The older section of the neighbourhood, called "First Shaughnessy," is considered more prestigious and is bordered by 16th Avenue to the north, King Edward Avenue to the south, Oak Street to the east, and East Boulevard to the west. In 2011, the population was approximately 8,807.



Shaughnessy, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Three Common Plumbing Repair Jobs

Being a home owner is like a dream come true for many but it does come with some obstacles. From time to time functional inconveniences like a plumbing dilemma arise that even the best of us have to admit need the help of a an expert. Not all plumbing problems can be repaired without difficulty especially when the dilemma lies in a place not readily reachable or if it takes more time than you are willing to spare.

All Plumbing Systems Have Familiar Elements

Although you may prefer to tackle a plumbing repair yourself plumbers are more appropriate for the work. They understand the structure of a plumbing system and can identify the problem without using up time. That is why you need to call a professional at times like this.

A straightforward plumbing system has a incoming side where water enters the household pipes and the opposite side where everything drains out. No matter where you live all plumbing systems are essentially the same. Between the all the plumbing parts lies everything else that deals with your water . This is obviously where all plumbing issues arise such as leaking pipes fixture issues and clogged drains.

Dripping Pipes

A leaking pipe could or could not be noticeable. Occasionally you might possibly see water pooling below the sink or a mark may develop on the ceiling. Invisible signs that you may have a leaking pipe may include low water pressure to the taps. If you believe something is going on with your plumbing then it is wise to call a plumbing company.

Once the plumber has analyzed the area the next step is to find the source of the leak then switching off the water to the home at the inlet. With the water turned off he will be able to work on the situation swap out any broken parts and then turn it back on to test things out. Usually this does not take much time and once finished should not need to be repeated for a while.

Fixture Repair

Fixture repair describes such things as fixing the toilet a leaky tap a clogged showerhead and similar items. When this is needed it will require more time to complete and higher fees in terms of labor and parts. But if you are not skilled in these things it is advisable that you employ a local plumber for the job.

Cleaning a Blocked Drain

When a drain clogs we usually consider a chemical clog option but this can cause more damage than you would want specially in a mobile home. Mobile home plumbing is frequently of cheaper parts and might be harmed by nasty drain chemicals. If you mess this up the plumbing invoice may very well be far more than you imagined because you will have to call someone soon after.

You could think of your homes plumbing as its circulatory system because it consistently delivers water when and where it is needed through a network of pipes. Even though it is hidden under the floors or behind the walls it is a vital component of a well functioning house. Most people hurriedly go through a list of plumbers trying to find one to call when something goes wrong but there are some things homeowners can do themselves to fix faulty plumbing issues.

When it is a matter of pipes that are broken or leaky turning off the water at the shutoff valve is the first thing to do. With the materials listed above cut the damaged section away and wait until the pipes dry thoroughly. Once accomplished cut the replacement piece of pipe and use the couplings to fit it back together.