PL-Sea Learning Conference

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the conference has been cancelled for this year.

We plan to be back bigger and better in 2020!

PL-Sea, a Wave of Learning: a FREE non-commercial Personal Learning Community of passionate educators who want to learn, discuss, and share information that is important in your classroom and school community. Join a new collaborative online community of educators to share ideas after the event to continue the conversation.

This event will offer a new experience by learning from peers and other professionals both in person and online, about topics which are vital to all stakeholders in our school communities. All topics are welcome and are not just limited to technology.

"This was #AWESOME... Short, Sweet and to the POINT!!! I hope to attend again and perhaps present too... :-)"

-- Hussain, Trenton Public Schools

"I loved the format of this conference!"

-- Louis, Mullica Township Schools

"Can't wait for next years PL-SEA!"

-- Lorna, Vineland Public Schools

We're Proud to Announce our PL-Sea Official Sponsors: