Plaza Live

Venue Rental Information

Thank you for your interest in The Plaza Live!

The following is the standard rental deal information for The Plaza Live. The information below is intended to serve as a broad overview of the rental deal and will not give you full event costs. A full event estimate can be created based on the specifics of the event.

Base Rental Fee:

· There is a base rental fee plus tax to rent The Plaza Live for standard concerts or events where the bar can be open for alcoholic beverage sales. The bar must do a minimum of $2,500.

· If the food & beverage revenue does not exceed $2,500, your rental fee will increase by the difference in the required minimum and your actual food & beverage sales.

Facility Fees:

For non-ticketed events, The Plaza Live adds a $2 facility fee per patron and retains 100% of the money collected for this purpose. This amount will be added to the balance of the rental agreement.

Food & Beverage Sales:

The Plaza Live retains 100% of all food & beverage sales.

Other fees/ Variable Costs:

· All taxes, credit card fees & ticket printing charges are deducted from the ticket price rather than being added on top of the sale price.

· All variable costs (ticketing fees, catering, backline, ASCAP/BMI/ SESAC fees, event passes, etc.) depend on what the artist or event requires; therefore, additional costs cannot be quoted until you forward a technical rider for the event.

· Renter is responsible for paying all royalties including (but not limited to) ASCAP, BMI & SESAC fees.

Included with Rental Fee:

The Plaza Live always retains the right to decide the amount of staffing that is required to successfully and safely run your event. Additionally, The Plaza Live will provide all staffing and will not permit outside labor to be brought into the building.

· Limited number of hosts/ushers & security for an (8) eight-hour period

· Box office staff for duration of rental

· In-house sound & lighting system

· Limited technical labor to run the system for an eight (8) hour period

· Limited advertising (Event listing on The Plaza Live website)

Renter provides:

· Rental fee plus tax

· 6.5% sales tax off gross ticket revenue

· 3.5% fee on tickets purchased by credit card on the TicketFly system

· Ticket printing charges

· OPD, EMT and CSC (Police, Paramedics & Security) – when required

· Any additional staffing required to facilitate the event (Administrative Fees, etc.)

· Venue clean-up fee of $300 per event.


· Backline/ equipment rental - This equipment may be rented through The Plaza Live or renter may supply backline. Backline provided by renter must be of professional quality and must be approved by artists.

· Barricade (The Plaza Live Staff is responsible for determining if a barricade is required. Renter will be charged $500 for the barricade plus labor to staff the area behind the barricade.)

· Renter is responsible for all marketing and advertising.

· Renter is responsible for covering all artists guarantees/reimbursements on the night of the event - The Plaza Live will not be responsible for settling with any artist(s) on a rental show.

Event Insurance:

· Renter must provide The Plaza Live with an event insurance certificate that names The Orlando Philharmonic Plaza Live Foundation Inc as additionally insured.

· Should The Plaza Live be required to purchase a special event insurance policy to cover Promoter’s event, the $1,000.00 fee will be passed along to the Renter. This fee is in addition to the insurance certificate provided by the Renter.


Main Hall General Admission: 1,200 sellable capacity

· 1,050 standing GA main floor

· 150 balcony seats

Main Hall Fully Seated:

900 sellable capacity

· 750 seats on floor

· 150 balcony seats

Small Room GA Capacity: 350

Complimentary Tickets:

· The Plaza Live retains 16 complimentary tickets for house distribution.

· Complimentary tickets for advertising/promotion, artists, media, etc. are pulled against sellable capacity.

Insurance Requirments:

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance containing the so-called “occurrence” clause (which shall specifically include the Premises) insuring against claims for bodily and personal injury or death and property damage occurring in or upon Premises or in the common areas of The Plaza Live resulting from acts or omissions of Licensee, or its employees, agents or principals (i.e. artist performing at the Event) with coverage limits not less than (i) for bodily injury, each occurrence $1,000,000.00, aggregate $1,000,000.00 and (ii) for property damage, each occurrence, aggregate $1,000,000.00. Such insurance shall include (i) Blanket Contractual Liability coverage and independent contractor’s liability, which insures contractual liability under the indemnification of Licensor by Licensee, set forth below, (ii) personal injury groups A, B, C with employee exclusion deleted and (iii) advertising liability.


· A fifty percent (50%) non-refundable deposit on the rental (including estimated expenses ) is required to secure the date.


· The Plaza Live takes 20% of any merchandise revenue sold in the venue.

· Renter is required to provide a merchandise seller.




· Room set-up and ticket prices

· Estimated load-in time

· Door and show times

· Time the event will conclude

· Event timeline (for non-concert events)

· Names of all artists on the bill (if applicable)

· Artist riders - including technical and catering riders (if applicable)

· Any intent to record the event and intended use of footage

Thank you,

The Plaza Live Management