Play Well With Others

A Musician's Guide to

Jamming Like a Pro

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Play Well With Others

How To Jam Like A Pro


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Play Well With Others

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Martha & Mike

Martha Haehl


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Mike Walker 


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You’ll Learn

Jamming Do’s and Don’ts

Jam Types and Jam Styles

How to Avoid Being a Jam Buster

How to Play: songs with two-chords, three chords, then more complex chord progressions

Easy Transposing, How to Lead a Song in a Jam

Tips for Playing Instrumentals,and much, much more

Book Statistics

Title: Play Well With Others

Subtitle: A Musician’s Guide to Jamming Like A Pro

Authors: Martha Haehl and Mike Walker

ISBN-13: 978-0-9743606-3-8

LCCN: 2008930483

Category: Music

Length: 108 pages

Retail Price: $16.95

Binding: 6” by 9” trade paperback

Illustrations Music Charts

Additions: Cartoons