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"Different people think this is going to be a fun match but both are natural-born winners. At some stage you are going to see it get a bit uncomfortable as both will call out each other," he said.

The most intriguing thing is the gambling aspect. The players will set their own odds on shots during different times and fans will be able to bet along with them. Clarke said gambling has been a part of the European Tour for years and it will be interesting to see how it does Friday.

Craig Barry, who is Turner's executive vice president and chief content officer, is also interested to see how the side bets work out, especially since more states are approving sports gambling.

"It makes you follow along more and engage. It definitely does create a deeper and richer narrative," Barry said.

Don't expect gambling to become a part of Turner's NBA and Champions League coverage, though, since that appears to be a long way off.

"This is very different than anything golf has ever done in the past. That's one of the unique Situs Judi Online things about it. We're able to showcase our sport in such a different light and all the different technologies we're going to be bringing to this event, and doing it differently than any other golfing event has ever been done. That's the exciting thing for not only myself and Phil, but I think for all the viewers that are going to watch," Woods said.

Woods and Mickelson already have high stakes on the first hole. Mickelson said he would wager $100,000 that he would birdie the first hole and Woods doubled it.