New to Yoga?

Please arrive 15 minutes early, this will give you and your instructor ample time to check in, purchase additional classes, and give you time to acclimate to the room temperature. Just prior to class commencing the yoga studio door will be locked until the end of class. We do not have a receptionist therefore it is critical to be early for each class you plan on attending.

Bring a mat, towel, and water and wear comfortable clothing that isn't too loose, no shoes or socks are required. We have mats for your use, however items are limited and recommend bringing yours to each class. Towels are available to rent for $1. Please note that we recommend a towel placed on your mat while practicing, to prevent slipping when sweating. In addition, bathrooms and showers are available for your use.

Practice on an empty stomach, be sure to hydrate well before class and avoid caffeine before class. Drinking enough water a day before class will make your experience more enjoyable. Its best to prepare the day before by drinking plenty of fluids and/or electrolyte replacement.

As a courtesy to fellow students and the instructor we DO NOT allow cell phones in the yoga studio, if you need an accommodation such as being on call for work please get permission from your instructor prior to bringing into the studio. Its a place of peace and mediation, and its often the only sacred place we have left in our busy world. We have plenty of space in the lobby for your personal belongings.

All classes are at your own pace and ability. If the poses are too difficult, modifications may be made, please listen to your body and ask for assistance and sitting quietly to observed is always welcome, we are here for you. If the room temperature is difficult to handle and/or you need to rest we ask that you sit or lie down, drink some water and try not to leave the room.

Yoga class is generally a quiet, meditative environment...please refrain from conversation during practice and applying body fragrances just prior to class.

If you use our mats please leave them on the floor when class is finished. We will take care of cleaning and drying them.

Come with an open mind and heart and be ready to work hard and enjoy your practice.