Empower Fitness & Yoga LLC. was developed out of Plattsburgh Hot Yoga. The studio is owned and operate by Mary Dupry and Meghan Lannon, both 200 RYT recognized by Yoga Alliance. In addition to running the studio, Mary is a local Ironwomen athlete and personal trainer. She provides private physical fitness lessons and consultations, if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consult please contact us. When Meghan isn't teaching or practicing, she is a social worker with the Albany VA Health Care system, private sessions are available to assist individuals struggling with anxiety and stress to demonstrate the power of breath control and yoga to assist in recovery.

Our mission is to promote health, wellness, spiritual growth, and physical fitness to Northern New York, through the eight limbs of yoga. We have a vision to create community one day, one asana, and class at a time. We are apart of the Evolation Yoga community to ensure our studio is ethically guided and supported.

Our Classes:

  • Hot Yoga (AKA Bikram) : we are offering this traditional sequence of 26 asanas in 60 minutes session where each pose is held once or in our express 75 min. class where most poses are completed twice. Room is heated to 103F with 40 humidity, once a pose is completed a rest is followed-think interval training.
  • Hot Pilates Boot camp: Core...need we say more, this class is a 60 minute challenge, but will assist you in building athleticism and strength.
  • Hot Hatha Yoga: Traditional Hatha Flow in a heated room, focus on breath and movement connected in harmony, offered in 60 and 75 min. lengths
  • Hot and Warm Vinyasa: following the High peaks Yoga Sequence of High Peaks Yoga school, this class is similar to hatha, with a focus on building poses each class, building strength and is flowed to music and breath. Room is heated to 100 for hot classes and 75-85 for warm classes.
  • Bikram Vinyasa fusion: love both bikram and vinyasa, well each Tuesday they are blended together, each class is a little different with a the familiar flare of bikram.
  • Warm Pi/YO: This is a high intensity cardio class, matched with heat challenges the body to move between yoga and pilates movement and poses quickly. Don't be afraid to try and learn modifications as you build strength and confidence with the flows.
  • Yin Yoga: This is a calm but challenging practice, each pose is held for up to 5 minutes, allowing the body to ease into a deeper stretch. Note that we encourage using props in this class.