Felt Board Stories/Songs

Ms. Abby misses being able to do storytime with an audience. But she still can provide you with an entertaining story or song with a felt board, via the magic of the internet! Check back every day at 11 am for a new short film.

Movie on 4-15-20 at 3.04 PM.mov

Friday Felt Board Song

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

The classic song! Featuring hilariously sized animals. The laws of nature do not apply in felt land.

Movie on 4-15-20 at 3.14 PM.mov

Thursday Felt Board Story

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Ms. Abby stumbles through the classic story...without notes! It's pretty close to the traditional tale...and full of goaty goodness.

Movie on 4-15-20 at 2.42 PM.mov

Wednesday Felt Board Song

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

Not technically a felt song-- I made these laminated, paper frogs years ago, but I love them so much I keep using them. Sing along at home!

Movie on 4-15-20 at 2.52 PM.mov

Tuesday Felt Board Story

The Three Little Pigs

A classic tale...told with felt! And maybe a twist or two.

Perfect for young and the young-at-heart.

Movie on 4-15-20 at 3.11 PM.mov

Monday Felt Board Song

Hey Diddle, Diddle!

The classic nursery rhyme...now with a song!

Perfect for preschoolers.