Spatial Planning Milestones

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One child that is born today, most probably will live until the end of this century.[---]

If your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years, educate children. [Confucius]

Spatial Planning Milestones

The Spatial Planning Milestones is a brief rank of events, books, congresses, plans, declarations, principles and concepts that contributed to Spatial Planning and to the quality of life in Europe. The biggest American Spatial Planning Milestones are also included. Its purpose is to give a global idea of Spatial Planning´s evolution from 1700, including major historical events, such as discoveries, new technologies, major social and political upgrades, global crises and wars. It also provides with an idea about which major problem defined each period and how spatial planning contributed to the solution. We focused milestones in the mainstream and also those that where considered importante only some decades after.

This website includes the Spatial Planning Milestones, the Main Milestones of each Decade and the Great Milestones of the Century. The possibility to access another website with more detailed information on each Spatial Planning Milestone’s will soon be made available. Feel free to contribute to the Spatial Planning Milestones, in one of three ways: a) by answering to the inquiry about the Main or the Great Milestones; b) and/or by proposing new ones to be added; c) by suggesting improvements on existing ones.

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Milestones are classified according to:

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COM - community involvement and empowerment

CSI - computers science and inovation

DEM - demography and prospective

ECO - economics

ENE - energy

ENG - engineering

ENV - environment. nature, ecosystems and climate

ESP - european spatial planning and cooperation

GEO - geography

GOV - governance and administration

GRE - greenery and landscape

HER - heritage and patrimony

HIS – historic

HOU - housing, facilities and services

INF - infrastructures and mobility

LEG - legislation

NET - networks

PPP - plans, programs, projects, strategies, guides, visions and utopia

PWO - public works

SOC - sociology

SPL - spatial planning (stricto sensu)

TDC - theories, declarations, charters, conventions, principles, manifests, institutions, conferences, summits, congresses, white papers, awards and competitions

TOU - tourism

URB - urbanism