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This page is under construction, and will be changing as more as more trainers contribute! This is the first draft of this page so if you'd like to submit feedback, or contribute to improving this page or anything on our site send us an email at

Trainer Services Events

The Trainer Services project was an evolution of the Third Saturday project, something you may remember from our time before community day.

With the advent of Community Day we've taken the Third Saturday formula, and created a new suite of Google Sheets that is as user friendly as possible, while still being as flexible as possible. Offering you the ability to (by default) use our event settings based on the location and day you host your event, or by using the manual overrides to do it all yourself!

You can use the form to the right to have our automated system make you a copy of our template that you can use, which will be hooked into our leaderboard system we'll be launching later this year, or use the links below to make a copy of our template yourself to use however you want. Be aware that only scorecards made using the Event Request form will be able to get featured on our leaderboard when it goes live.

The form above will automatically generate a scorecard for your event (and drop it in your "Shared with Me" section of your google drive) that will link up to our database so that it will support our upcoming global leaderboard for challenge mode events. Because of those links to our global database the calculation cells in the scorecard that form sends you will have most of the formula cells edit protected. If you don't want to use the form above to have one generated for you, and want to bypass those pesky edit protected cells use the links below to make a copy of the scorecard for yourself and have full ownership rights. Just be aware that you won't be able to be featured in our global leaderboard for challenge mode if you do.

If you want to be a part of our Global Leaderboard, but want to make a change to the scorecard template that the edit protections won't let you make, reach out in our Discord Server and request an admin make the change for you.

And if you want to help improve our templates with an added feature or improved formula, or if you want to report a bug you find in them, send an email over to

Scorecard Version (Organizer Driven) - Enter stats into a spreadsheet and have it automatically calculate all the statistics for you.

Child Template A V2 - Scorecard

Form Version (Player Driven) - Allow your attendees to enter their own stats into a form, then use our Verification Tool to approve their entries to appear on your leaderboard. Option to not require validation coming in a future version, for now if you'd like to override a validation you can just modify the cells in the "Form Data" tab and put a Name and Date in the appropriate validation cells.

Child Template B V2 - Form

This webpage is under construction, and so is this Google Doc! If you're interested in contribution to this page/doc please send an email to and we'll reach back out as soon as we can.

Trainer Challenge - Event Host Manual