Trainer Services

This website is under construction, and will be changing as more trainers contribute! This is the first draft of this page so if you'd like to submit feedback, or contribute to improving this page or anything on our site send us an email at

Welcome to the Trainer Services site! Where we aim to be the go to place for community community leaders to help them build better communities. Are you passionate about your community and want to help your community be better organized and more inclusive but feel held back by how confusing it can all be? That's where we aim to help! In the long term we hope to have templates, tools, and tutorials for all aspects of running a community and the ability for you to leave reviews on everything we feature.

This is a temporary website while we get settled in to our new projects and ideas, our new website will still be at the same address but specific pages may move around, and we will be properly hosted instead of using this free Google Sites page. Please feel free to browse around our menu bar for the rest of our content.


Print, text, and web templates that you can use freely. From business cards and flyers, rule lists for your community, and web resources for your community


From built by us event scorecards to featured tools from the community


Learn the basics and the complicated with out guides on how to make better communities