About a year ago, The Pokémon Company International announced Players Cup, the premier event that essentially replaced Pokémon World Championships played solely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, to everyone's surprise, Asia as a region has been removed as an eligible region to participate in the said event. Shortly after, The Pokémon Company announced that they will be overtaking the Asia region. Unfortunately, up to this date, there is still no circuits or leagues announced for VG in Asia... that is until now!

Pokemon Asia VG Association is excited to offer a circuit full of excitement for players residing in Asia!

Who will be named Star Champion?



The very first Star Asia Tournament, presented to you by Pokémon Asia VG Association, will purely be done online. This will follow a modified-TPCi format that will allow Players to accumulate points to be eligible of an invite for our grand finals, the Star Series.

The circuit is divided into 4 separate series tiers of tournaments namely, Minor, Major, Revolution, and Star Series.

Minor Series, the most frequent one that gives out the least amount of points, Major which gives out higher points but is less frequent than the Minor Series, Revolution Series which acts as our Last Chance Qualifier tournament, and finally the culminating event, Star Series.



What is the purpose of this Circuit?

The purpose of this Circuit is to ignite the already-dying flames from the Players residing in Asia due to lack of events.

Whilst this is not a permanent replacement of the official circuits, we'd like to keep these fires burning until official circuits return...

...or eventually replace official circuits.

When does it start?

Asia Star Tournament or AST will start its Minor Series on June 6th, 2021.

For the full schedule of the circuit, please proceed here.

Are there any entry fee for the circuit?

For Minor, Revolution, and Star Series, there will be no entry fees.

However, for Major Series, an entry fee of $5.50 is required. More information here.

Are there any prizes in the circuit?

Aside from the points that players are to gather to be eligible for the Star Series, there would be prizes that players may win. However, it will depend on which tournament they will play on. For instance, Minor Series tournaments will solely prize Star Points.

For more information, please proceed here.

Would you enforce Open Team Sheets?

JJ-kun, one of our Committees has put out a survey before the formulation of the circuit and in the data gathered, it showed a higher percentage of people opting in for a non-Open Team Sheet circuit. However, this does not mean that we will not have an Open Team Sheet ruling in the future.

This will depend mostly on the players that will be playing. Going back to the roots as to why this circuit has been formed, we want a circuit for the community, by the community.

Are we following Best-of-1 or Best-of-3?

All games will be played on Best-of-1... JUST KIDDING!

All games in this circuit will be played under Best-of-3 due to popular demand.

For more information about the rules, please proceed here.

Can we use rental teams in the tours?

Yes, you can. However, as much as possible, we recommend everyone to not use rental teams.

The reason being is because when we're doing the livestream, LAN Play method so that we can get access to Spectator Mode through Live Competition feature, Rental Teams are unusable.

For more information, please proceed to our Rulebook, Section 7, Rental Teams.

How are the finalists selected?

Our circuit used TPCi's circuit as a template and thus requiring players to gather points to be eligible for an invite to the Star Series, our grand finals event. If you have reached the threshold, then you are eligible to join it.

See more details here.

Is there any Code of Conduct?

Unless otherwise stated in the Asia Star Tournament Rulebook, the League will be following the Standards of Conduct, Equality, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Policy, Tournament Rules Handbook, and VG Rules and Formats by The Pokémon Company International.

Of course, the Committee reserves the right to ban any players who violate the code of conduct or enforce bans enacted by community organizers, may it be in a community from Asia or not.

Can non-Asian players play?

While our name has 'Asia' in it and that the circuit's primary target are Players residing in Asia, we are not closing our doors to players outside Asia.

There's no one stopping you from participating in our tour!

Is there any age limit?

No. Unless there is a significant amount of players coming from a specific age group, everyone will be in the same bracket.

It might eventually happen after the first circuit.

Is TPCi or TPC involved with this?

No. The Pokemon Company International or The Pokemon Company is not associated or affiliated with Asia Star Tournament or Pokemon Asia VG Association.

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