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*****Using Project Management to Reach The Stars!*****

Hi my real name is Sonja C. Stewart but when I'm working on projects my name is PJMan. I am the founder of PJMan & The StarGazers , a group of project management professional from around the would who teach non-profits, community based organizations and kids project management and leadership skills in a fun relevant way using real life situations.

I founded this group July 22, 2016 as a Linked Group by inviting people in my LinkedIn network to join. We started working on our first project by partnering with the MADE (Museum of Art & Digital Entertainment ). I teach kids project management and leadership skills. The MADE started as a Kickstarter project in 2011 and teaches kids video game programming using MIT's tool Scratch tool. Either Al Sweigart, Mike Pavone, Jeremy Sachs, or Russell Spitzer have taught our kids since December 2016 and they are amazing. They recently added a computer graphics classes Oct. 21, 2017. Jack Pryne is the new awesome instructor who is teaching the kids basic skills in computer graphics. He spent many few creating graphics for video games and loves sharing his skills with the kids. November 25 & 26 Veda Rogers lead a hackathon in which she helped the kids develop a voice app using DialogFlow works with Google devices in particular Google Home. The MADE's staff consist of computer professionals who give their time to transfer their knowledge and skills to our kids. Cant' you tell how proud I am to work with them as a team.

I'm using this site as an example to teach our kids who to create a website to display their projects, accomplishments, achievements, and other extra curricular activities.

After completing the second Introduction to Project Management and Leadership class, I decided to give the kids a project they could work on to practice the skills we'd just learned. At the same time, Lam Thuy Vo was volunteering at the MADE and offered to teach our kids journalism skills or more specifically Video Storytelling skills. Unfortunately, she was moving out to the California within weeks so we combined a Simulated Lemonade Stand with the Video Storytelling class and this was the final product. To learn more about both projects, click here.

Like caterpillars, I'm loving seeing the kids grow into beautiful Butterflies