Water Quality

Lake and Pond Ecology - EUTROPHICATION

All lakes age the same way — they begin as oligotrophic lakes, and age to become eutrophic lakes. Allowing nutrients to accumulate in our lakes from agriculture, fertilizers, streets, sewage, and storm drains speeds up this process. A lake is usually classified as being in one of three possible classes: oligotrophic, mesotrophic or eutrophic.

  • Painter is classified as eutrophic
  • Juno is classified as mesotrophic and eutrophic
  • Christiana is classified as mesotrophic

The way PLC Lakes Association continues to track the aging of our lake is in joining with Michigan clean water corps. Doug is our lake monitoring steward and is asked to collect water from specific areas at certain times of the year. He also documents measurements of water clarity.

The following reports were shared last year by Michigan clean water corps for our lakes as well as many others in the surrounding area. Here are the results for our beautiful lakes.

Click the link below to see the latest on Michigan Clean Water Corps Information Shared!

If you click this link and Cass County, you will find Christiana, Juno, and Painter results.