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Pixel Gun 3D PC - Your New Favorite FPS Multiplayer Shooter Game

Are you a huge fan of First Person Shooter (FPS) games? If so, then you will have a blast with Pixel Gun 3D! Amazingly, it lets you go on different adventures while doing what you love the most: shooting on your enemies or opponents! Millions of players around the world enjoy spending their whole afternoon playing this shooting game. Soon enough, you'll know why once you start using your guns in 3D.

Even kids love this game and are looking for Pixel Gun 3D unblocked so they can play all the time. Another great news is you can now play it on PC. We also offer a download link here so you can experience its excellent gameplay on a bigger computer screen! We believe that it's always better when it's bigger!

Know more about the Pixel Gun 3D FPS shooter game and why it is a favorite among kids, teenagers, and adults!

Explore Thousands of Maps in Pixel Gun 3D

What makes Pixel Gun 3D is that this multiplayer shooter game has terrific maps that you can explore. In these maps, you can play with your friends and go on different adventures. When it comes to PixelGun, you will not run out of obstacles and challenges because every map has its characteristics that you will want to visit. But don't worry, because there are thousands more that you can check and see if it's as good as the last one. We assure you, though, that each of them is wonderful.

Even with the blocky, top-notch graphics, your experience will be on another level. Play with or against your friends now in Pixel Gun 3D!

Use Hundreds of Weapons, Tools, and Gadgets!

PG3D is a very competitive game that will make you want to win all the time. So the developers made sure that we all have the right tools, weapons, and gadgets that you and your friends can utilize while playing. Aside from that, you go on different adventures with your friends to reach your goals! This free-to-play game is open for everyone, especially for those who love adventure and shooting at the same time. You will never run out of things to do. Everywhere you go, there is always something new!

Make sure that you use these weapons and tools wisely, and choose the one that fits your personality the most! But don't worry, you can use all of them anyway!

Be Whoever You Want to Be in PixelGun

Whether you want to be your favorite artist, musician, doctor, professional ballerina, or monster, this survival game got you covered! You can even be an orc if you want to. Dress up your character any way you like. Nothing or no one can stop you! Kids will love this feature, especially since the younger ones are into dressing their players all the time. You can even create your very own Pixel Gun 3D skins using the skin editor. It's your time to show off your artistic skills by customizing your pixel gun character.

The skins are detailed, and every little thing counts. So don't worry because your character will always look good with the outfits that you'll make them wear.

Join Clans with Your Friends!

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If you want a very great experience, you should go and invite your friends to your clan. Play with a team and earn more points and experience. The top clan gets to brag that they are the strongest, and you should also show other clans that you are! You also get to earn valuable prizes when you play with your clanmates. You can also create forts to resist enemy attacks. You may also opt to plan an attack against your enemy clans! The possibilities are endless when it comes to playing with a group of friends!

If you are getting interested, we have a free download on PC here. It will make your gaming experience more exciting and fun! If I were you, I'd be playing it now! The fun never stops as an FPS shooter. You and your clanmates will have the time of your lives.

Find Your Favorite Wallpaper

This exciting game is full of adventure, challenges, and of course, shooting. With its beautiful blocky graphics and fantastic gameplay, you cannot afford to miss out on anything! And because we know that you are in awe as much as we are about the game, we give you beautiful wallpapers that you can download for your PC! Show your love for PixelGun 3D by downloading the wallpapers of your choice.

There are:

  1. High-quality wallpapers that are perfect for your PC display

  2. Many wallpaper designs to choose from

  3. Easy to download wallpapers that just need a “right-click and save” combination before you, wait to finish downloading.

Voila! You have a ready to set wallpapers that will keep you inspired while playing Pixel Gun 3D. Download now!

Check Out on the Fun Game Features

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Shooting games are popular all over the world. Many players want to shoot at things or their enemies because it's always fun. But add adventure and different obstacles, and you get Pixel Gun 3D. It's a very interactive and competitive game that makes you want to win all the time. It also has impressive graphics despite its style being blocky and straightforward.

The game features are simple and will keep you interested as to why PixelGun is the kind of FPS game that millions of people worldwide are dying to play. You need to get through this survival game if you want to win, so knowing the game features is essential if you're going to become good at it! But for now, play it on your PC and experience immersive gameplay like no other.

It is also a one-of-a-kind shooting game that you can play all the time. Its players are addicted to it, mainly because of its gameplay and the experience that they offer. Play it now and become a part of them.

Unlimited Use of Guns

You are the one who'll get tired of using the hundreds (800, to be precise) of weapons. Another fact is that you can use any of them at any time that you want! Decide if you're going to use a melee weapon like a sword, or the most reliable machine gun, or even bombs! The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing your weapons of mass destruction.

In reality, many players like this feature because they have the freedom to kill their enemies in any way they like. Just do it! Choose your weapons, and don't worry because there are many of those in the weapons menu.

Join Any of the Exciting Mini-Games

When it comes to having fun, Pixel Gun 3D never stops on giving. You know why? That's because there are a lot of mini-games and challenges that will keep you on your toes. You get to compete against the best warriors around the world, and you might be one of these warriors. Show them what you got by doing your best while playing these mini-games.

Some examples of the mini-games are Sniper Tournament, Glider Rush, Parkour Challenge, and so much more! What are you waiting for? The mini-games will keep you even more excited than ever. It's enough to make you want to join the many players.

The Amazing Clan Wars

Clan wars are when you conquer your enemy's territories, control a substantial global map, collect valor points, and gain income from your lands to win the war. You get to play with your friends once you join a clan together. Strive hard and get the Top Clan position to win valuable prizes and so much more. Travel and explore the thousands of maps available. This knack as a multiplayer shooter is for free, and you can play it on your computer when you click the free download on PC here.

Be Guided With the PG3D Gun to Use

We can attest that Pixel Gun 3D is among the best FPS or first-person shooter games out there. It is also a multiplayer shooter game with many maps that you can explore. Millions of people all over the world playing this have enjoyed it with their friends, making them join clans to start a war against other clans.

If you want to enjoy different challenges and obstacles in an FPS game, you will have all of that here. Invite your friends and download Pixel Gun 3D PC now for a better gaming experience. Don’t forget to memorize the hundreds of primary weapons to win!

What are the Primary Weapons?

Primary weapons are the kind of weapons that are always classified as assault rifles, light machine guns, submachine guns, and shotguns. Most assault rifles hold a high fire rate and capacity. They are generally the most well-rounded weapons.

At the same time, submachine guns have a lower capacity and lower damage than most rifles in exchange for an even better fire rate. Light machine guns usually cause massive damage and have a large magazine size but low fire rate. Shotguns spread multiple bullets per shot, making them extremely useful in close-ranged battles but not good at long ranges.

Be Amazed at the Game’s “Predator”

Yes, there is a “predator,” and this comes in the form of a golden shotgun. What could make it a predator, then? For one, it shoots multiple bullets at once. It deals substantial damage at close-range battles, so you better choose this one when the time comes that you need it. Its regular bullets can travel like an instant bullet, thus going very fast.

You can use this powerful gun when dueling or hunting a lone enemy. Because of this shotgun’s slow firing speed and large cone of spread, using it in a long-range shooting is not advisable. This makes you more vulnerable to receive counterattacks. The predator is also best used during ambush attacks since it can easily land a headshot on your enemies.

The Primary Gun for Beginners

The machine gun was formerly known as the simple machine gun and your best friend. It is used during multiplayer mode and is the starter primary for beginners. It's a simple black machine gun with low damage, high rate of fire, and low mobility. Some of its abilities include instant bullet travel time, medium-range shooting, and absence of delay mechanics. To increase damage, always aim for the head of your enemies. When you use it, you must step back and avoid counter attacks because it is a reasonably accurate weapon. Replace the machine gun as soon as possible because it can sometimes be of no use against players with armors.

Get to Know About the Acid Shotgun

You can only obtain the parts of the acid shotgun in the form of parts in the Super Lottery. It is a sci-fi themed double-barreled shotgun. A unique characteristic of the acid shotgun is that it inflicts a poison once it hits an enemy or a monster. It has a decent fire rate, minimal capacity, and low mobility.

It deals terrific damage with a slow fire rate, a low capacity, and lousy mobility. This weapon is a one-shot kill as long as you hit your enemy in the head and two shots in the body, given that all pellets hit. You need to get up close to your enemy if you want it to deal massive damage. Also, use it in close range maps because it loses its accuracy in long-range ones. Remember to keep your shots count because you only have four of them. You can also use the poison effect, as it inflicts damage on your enemies over time.

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Knowledge Base

The Best Guns for the Best FPS Game

When it comes to weapons, Pixel Gun 3D will not let you down. It has over 800 weapons that you can choose from, and you can utilize all of them. But keep in mind that you also need to check and consider the circumstances as to when you are going to use them. Remember that there are hundreds of these weapons, so use them to your advantage and pick the weapon that could quickly kill your enemy.

Here, we find out which guns are the best ones. You will also know why they are the best for such exciting episodes in a free-to-download game on PC. So before you play, it's best that you already have an idea as to what you should always aim to use!

Know More About the Laser Minigun

You don't need any Pixel Gun 3D hacks to know that the laser minigun is one of the top guns that you can use. It shoots purple lasers with wall breaks. It possesses a high power and capacity with average mobility. Even if it's in the heavy category, this weapon performs differently. The lasers that it shoots can go through walls like the prototype. But the accuracy of this weapon is not that very efficient. Due to its performance, the laser minigun doesn't have any delay mechanics.

You can kill multiple enemies because it can shoot through walls. When aiming at your enemies, always approach them at a close range first because it's not that good when it comes to long-range battles. You need to be a great player and avoid attacks during close-range battles.

Is the Dragon Breath a Great Weapon?

When you think of dragons, you automatically believe that they breathe fire. But the dragons of the future don't breathe fire. They shoot scarlet red-colored lasers. The Dragon Breath has a high fire rate, excellent mobility, and a lot of capacity. Like many guns, you need to aim it on your enemy's heads for maximum damage. It is also flawlessly accurate when used during long-ranged battles. Jetpack users can also be killed using the Dragon Breath, but use your shots wisely because you don't want to waste any ammo in this type of weapon. It may have a lot of capacity, but be mindful whenever using it when attacking a large group of people because its ammo can drain very quickly.

Introducing The Excalibur

In Pixel Gun 3D, the Excalibur is a clan-themed Gatling gun. It has an energy shield and armor bonus plus the ability to immediately shoot out light blue bullets. It also has a good damage rate, a high fire rate, a large capacity, and slightly low mobility. The Excalibur looks like a minigun, with three barrels, a silver body, and royal blue and gold designs.

You can use the Excalibur as an offense and as a defense weapon. Thanks to its energy shield and high damage per second, you can protect yourself while killing your enemies. For non-accurate players, this is the perfect weapon because it is a "spray and pray" type of gun. It's okay when you miss shots while using the Excalibur.