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5 Reasons to Install a Residential Metal Roof

When evaluating new roof choices, it’s all too easy to ignore metal as a potential option. For many people, the term conjures images of barns, sheds, and storage buildings. However, metal roofing has come far in the past few years, and demand has risen among Erie homeowners. Read on to learn some of the biggest benefits of a metal roof.

Increased Strength

Among material options, metal is one of the best ways to protect a home from the elements. A metal roof is strong enough to be walked upon, unlike an asphalt shingle roof that requires extra care. Many times, home buyers will pay extra for the protection and durability provided by a metal roof. While the installation cost may be a bit higher, metal roofs need less maintenance and fewer repairs than their shingled counterparts. In the long term, lower maintenance expenses increase the home’s value.

Energy Efficiency

A metal roof is extremely energy efficient, which is one reason for the heightened demand. Many believe that a metal roof absorbs the sun’s rays, gradually heating the home. However, metal roofing reflects light (and heat) during summer and provides insulation during winter, allowing a homeowner to save approximately 25% on cooling and heating costs. These savings are very attractive to eco-friendly home buyers, and they may increase the home’s resale value.

Lower Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums

Because of its damage resistance and durability, a metal roof may bring lower homeowner’s insurance rates as well. While the amount varies depending on a range of factors, some report savings of approximately 35%. Check with an insurance agent for more details.

Curb Appeal

Generally, the industry has moved beyond plain-looking sheet metal roofs. With a variety of styles, colors, and finishes, a metal roof can be created to perfectly match a home’s aesthetic, or to resemble the timeless look of a shake or shingle roof. While many don’t think of metal roofs as an attractive, value-adding option, it’s easy to design a roof that adds distinction to the home’s exterior.

Increased Popularity Among Buyers

These benefits and others have led to an increased demand for residential metal roofs. Home buyers have demonstrated that they’re willing to pay a premium for a property with this durable, aesthetically pleasing option. By adding a metal roof to the home, an owner may increase the property’s value by up to six percent.

With its durability, energy efficiency, and classic appearance, metal is a great option for when it’s time to replace your roof. Visit the company’s website for more information or call today to request an estimate.