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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Human Visitor Optimization are very important for your online store. No human and spider will find your shop if you do not work on your SEO. Below are a list of things you can do to improve your optimization. I will not include reasons for each task listed below as that will be too much.

Before you do any promotion for your stores, I recommended that you go through the list 101 Ways To Optimize Your Online Store. After you have finish reading this len, you might want to bookmark Announce Your New Products or Designs. It has a checklist on the things you can do when you have a new product.

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Ways To Promote Your Online Store Online

Online Marketing

There are so many ways you can promote and advertise your online shops. It is crazy to follow them all. Select those that you are comfortable with and start your internet marketing now. I will be adding on to the list whenever I come across new ways to promote your store.

Submit your stores/websites to search engines. Example: Dmoz, Google, MSN and many more.

Put your websites/blogs/stores/lenses links in your email signature. Make sure that your friends/family members/employees email signatures have your links too.

Forward interesting information, news, photos, videos, jokes, sad stories and all kinds of junk mails to your friends. Your friends will forward these mails to their friends. Make sure that you forward these mails to friends that like to receive them, not those that hate junk mails.

Put your websites/blogs/stores/lenses links in your forum signature.

Join and participate in niche forums related to your products.

Use a funny/attention seeking user name whenever you register for a social networking site/forum/Squidoo and more.

Create lenses with Squidoo. Make one lens for your store and make different lenses for your different products. Link all related lenses together.

Make useful comments on other people lenses. Your user name will links back to your "My Squidoo" page which links to all your lenses. Do not spam.

Submit your new lenses to Squoogle, tagfoot, Reddit, Digg, The Isle of Squid, Squidpedia, Stumpedia Lensroll.com, Squiddit and more.

Use Lensroll at your side bar of your lens to lensroll related lenses to your lenses.

Join and participate in Friendster, MySpace, Multiply, Xanga, Facebook, and more

Build a fan page in Facebook.

Make your own video about your products or stores. Remember to put your links in your video.

Use keywords, descriptions, in your video file name and submission.

Submit your videos to Metacafe, YouTube, MySpace, Digg Videos, blip.tv, AOL Video, Google Video, GoFish, Vimeo, Yahoo Video and more.

Create a video sitemap on your store/websites when you have a few videos. Make a lens about your videos.

Add your video to your stores, websites and blogs.

Create and blog about your products and stores. Example: Blogger, MySpace, Wordpress and more.

Feed and ping your store blogs. Icerocket, BlogExplosion, Technorati, Weblogalot, Pingomatic, Pingoat, and more.

Offer different RSS/social bookmarking option on your blog. Example: del.icio.us, StumbleUpon and more.

Use good keywords in your blog titles.

Submit your store blogs to blog directory. Example: BlogExplosion, Weblog Directory, We Blog A Lot, Kmax, and many many more.

Post useful, honest, comments on other niche blogs related to your products or stores. Do not spam.

Make sure that your posting on your blog is fresh. Keep updating.

Create a podcast about your products and store.

Submit your podcast to iTunes, Odeo, Podcast Alley, PodOmatic, Podscope and more.

Create newsletters for your store. You may want to host with MailChimp or YourMailingListProvider. I am using MailChimp and I am loving it. You can see some of my newsletters here.

Offer freebies or special sales to newsletter subscribers when they sign up.

Include discount coupons, sale and promotion, new products, feature products, holidays and events products in your newsletters. Remember to include your store address.

Keep an archive of your old newsletters in your store.

Promise your newsletter subscribers that you will not sell, share their email with outside parties and you will not spam them before they sign up.

Let your subscribers know how often you will send them your newsletters before they sign up.

Put your newsletters opt-in form on your store/blog/lenses/websites.

Submit your products and stores to classifieds. Put your advertisement on areas where most of your customers came from. Example: Kijiji, Ablewise, Craigslist and more.

Look for niche classifieds for your products. Submit to them.

Submit your product feed to Google Base.

Upload your products photos to Flickr, BubbleShare, Fotolog and more.

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