WOW Technical Support

Residents at Skyhawk Hall should contact WOW technical support for any internet access issues.

Wow Technical Support is available 24x7.

Tech Support Line at 1-334-642-2246.

If you are having trouble with your housing/apartment internet, and you have a cable modem in your room please call the WOW tech support number. Tell the support person that you are calling on behalf of Point University housing and that your internet is not working.

You will need to be in your residence, and be able to see the internet modem/router. The support rep will ask you for some information that is on the modem/router to check the equipment remotely.

You will need to give them the "CMAC" address located on the sticker attached to the bottom of your equipment. See example below. This address will allow the technician to find the account and test the modem.